Natalia Ordobaeva

Natalia Ordobaeva

Stary Oskol, Russia, Belgorod region, Russia

About Natalia Ordobaeva

I am a retired entrepreneur who has worked with fabrics, color, design and creativity my entire life. Now retired! But the spirit of creativity and realization inherent in me does not allow me to enjoy my vacation for a long time, the desire to create returned and directed me in a new direction. Now I am an aspiring artist! This fascinated me so much that every day I paint with great pleasure. I draw neurographics, neuro-art, neuro-kintsugi and always add something of my own. I like this technique because every time I don't know what I will get. This is a creative process that unfolds during work, thereby transforming me and my drawings.
All my drawings have deep meaning. They help me transform my understanding and outlook on the world and life. Thus, in the drawings, I express my inner experiences on philosophical topics. I am sure that they will also help many people see, learn and understand something new in themselves!
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I'm self-taught.