Maham Anum

Maham Anum

Karachi , Sindh, Pakistan

About Maham Anum

I am a 25 years old self taught artist from Karachi, Pakistan. Art for me is a way to escape to my own world which belongs to colors. I have tried almost every form of art technique but I have always found my heart in oil paints. I have quit painting many times but my husband has always motivated me to start again telling me to do what I am best at where I find peace and that's painting. So here I am on this platform to look for interested buyers who I can trust will keep my effort, my work, my paintings with love and care.


*Diploma in Fine Arts - Karachi School of Art - 2016
*Masters in Public Administration - Human Resources - University of Karachi - 2017


Exhibition at Karachi School of Art 2016