Marrs Arts

Marrs Arts

Portland, OR, United States

About Marrs Arts

I have been fanatical about all things mechanical since a very early age. Taking apart my toys and eventually calculators, clocks and VCR's seemed like a good way to spend a few hours as a kid. This interest eventually found it's way into my art, and today I enjoy creating images of all things mechanical ranging from classic and exotic automobiles, aircraft, watches, mechanized humans and animals and on very rare occasion, something totally organic when I'm feeling out of touch with my own "human-ness".

My mother is a folk art painter and my father builds sculptural wonders using found materials on his farm, so I feel I can safely credit them both with my passion for creating.

In adulthood, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and my whole world finally made sense for the very first time. Being on the autism spectrum has not hindered nor embarrassed me in any way, but rather given me the encouragement to continue to see the world through my own unique lens and come up with ways to share this view with others. I invite you to enjoy my work with me.


Self taught, no formal art education.