mikael jensen

mikael jensen

Helsinge, Zeeland, Denmark

About mikael jensen

I started drawing and painting because I had a dream. A woman that looked like a drug addict asked not for dope or money, but for pen and paper. I bought that for her the following Saturday and I lend her my hand...and right off...she drew. It worked!!!!
One year later I was in the final round of the very best censored in Denmark. I kept on, and was awarded silver in Lapaz - a big biennale with almost 2000 artists participating from all over the world. The Nordic counsel sposored med for an exhibision on The Faroe Islands... In Nice I was exhibited and in Sweden too.
I only work with inner images on the borderline between the inner and out reality. I use a lot of in depth symbolism. I always present at future in my work.
My style has picked itself... I cant change it, and I dont want to. I truly invite but into a world og humor, wit and symbolism. You will find new stories in all of them again and again.
My art is mostly for people who really think and wonder. I dont design, I paint and draw art.


Masters in BA
30 years of interpreting images,
25 years of endless drawing


Debut in 1998 in Tistrup, Varde, Denmark. Kunstnernes summerexhibision
2005 siver in La Paz Biennale, Bolivia. Awarded by the minister of fine arts.
2007 Sponsored by Noric Counsil for exhibition on The Faroe Island
2008 Prize winner at NV-Sjaellands art exhibition (my art was on all public communication about art for a year)
Many bigger and minor exhibitions ... I dont keep track, because it is not my past you buy, but the story the art tell...I suppose