Millie Young

Millie Young

Ayutthaya, Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya, Thailand

About Millie Young

I animate therefore I am a teacher
I teach therefore I am an illustrator
I illustrate therefore I reflect my environment
In reflecting my environment I am animated.

Trunkated Tales, Millie's most recent exhibition had 30 new works and 30 selected retrospective works from the 15 years research and painting of Thailand’s captive elephants covering elephant encounters at Elephant Nature Park, The Thai Elephant Conservation Center and the Ayutthaya Royal Elephant Kraal. They are her personal perspective and each image is drawn from observations of the elephants. It is a privilege and a pleasure to get to know these amazing creatures and Millie is indebted to those who work hard to care for them. During these 15 years significant numbers of these elephants present in her work have passed away their lives a testimony of the complexity of issues in the Human Elephant Conflict.
The exhibition is a celebration of the elephant, exploring this topic by focussing on issues of our impact on their lives, paintings that juxtapose our presence in their world. The acrylic layered paintings play with light and shadow, often using gold to add an uncanny life in the paintings which change moods as daylight changes From a rogue elephant running toward a STOP sign through a wide vista of paddy fields where a lone tree remains the only reminder that this was once forest; to near invisible mahouts on gaudily dressed ride elephants with signs saying ‘No Entry’ held together with string; seeing them in their working lives, with their mahouts struggling to earn their keep; to seemingly wild elephants juxtaposed by our Human encroachment in the forms of road signs, electricity poles, pastoral land uses, city pollution and garbage.
The aim is to create dialogue around the issues not dictate simplistic answers or demonstrate over dramatic emotive vignettes in an attempt to shock people. The hope is that the audience will admire the beauty of these animals but question their situation.
Mille came to Thailand in 2000 to research for an new animation. Her investigation, drawing and painting the elephants over the years has been exhibited frequently in the Brighton Fringe Festiva. In 2004 she had a one woman and six elephants ‘Chang, Clang, Swish, Bang!’ exhibition at The Booth Natural History Museum. Over the years she has regularly submitted works to The Wildlife Artist of the Year and twice had her work sold in the Art for Survival Auction at Christies supporting of the David Shepherd Wildlife Fund. In 2012 she had her first exhibition in Thailand at Mahidol University Learning Resources Gallery and at Ayutthaya National Art Museum ‘Displaced and Misplaced’ inspired by the flood of 2011.
Millie is a Lecturer in Animation in the Fine&Applied Arts Division, Mahidol University International College and guest lectures at Webster University, Bangkok.


MA Sequential Art & Illustration
PGCE Art & Design & Drama
BA Hons Creative Arts: Visual Art & Drama


July 2015 Beyond the Frame: SAS Conference, Canterbury, UK
Oct 2014 French Thai Animation Rendez-Vous, Bangkok
July 2014 SAS Animator Festival, Toronto, Canada
March 2014 1st Silapakorn Art Dissemination Symposium, Bangkok
June 2012 The Memory Machine, SAS Conference, Melbourne, Australia
Sept 2011 Animating Time and Space – University of Waitako, Hamilton NZ
Aug 2010 Humour in the ASEAN Conference, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Sept 2009 International Conference on Educational Research, Khon Kean University, Thailand
2000-2003 Greenpeace venue organiser, Glastonbury Festival
1999 Tally Bloody Ho! winner Taped Up! Bursary


Sept 6th - Oct 31st 2015 Elephant Memories - a retrospective of paintings. Patom ArtnGallery, Ayuttyaya, Thailand
March 2015 Trunkated tales, Neilson Hayes Gallery, Bangkok
December 2012 Displacement & Misplacement, Ayutthaya National Art Museum, Thailand
November 2012 Learning Resources Gallery, Mahidol University, Salaya, Bangkok
May-Sept 2011 Dialogic Exhibition, Animation INstallation, Bangkok Arts & Cultural Centre
Nov 2010 Silent Scream, Video backdrop, Democrazy Theatre Studio, Bangkok. Thailand
Nov 2008 Animated Set, Thrupenny Opera, Nuni productions, Thailand Cultural Center, Thailand
2007 Brighton Art Fair, Corn Exchange , Brighton
2007 Art for Survival Auction, Christie’s Art Auction LONDON
2007 Open Houses Brighton Festival Fringe
2006 Open Houses Brighton Festival Fringe
2005 Open Houses Brighton Festival Fringe
2004 Open Houses Brighton Festival Fringe
2003 Clang Chang Swish Bang! Booth Museum of Natural History , Brighton
1999 Tally Bloody Ho! Taped Up! South East Arts/Meridian TV commission and screening