Mónica Alonso-Lamberti

Mónica Alonso-Lamberti

Madrid, Madrid, Spain

About Mónica Alonso-Lamberti

Mónica Alonso+Lamberti is a “life artist” born in Madrid, Spain. She works in the medium of paintings, using materials such as, acrylic, oil and ink, also she like to mix media and forms. She completed many courses and workshops in B.A, theater, literature in Spain. She was living and traveling around Europe, Africa and Middle East attempting arts life experiences and knowledge to enrich her art. She was working in different fields of arts near 30 years, transforming all her personal background in arts.


T.A.I Madrid: Photo, 1986
Artists ateliers, drowing, painting, modeling: M.de la Fuente, Estudio Arjona,1986-1990
Escuela Libre de Artes Plásticas : paint 1998-2000
Fuentetaja: Literature 2001
Escuela de Teatro La Excentrica: Theater, 20014-20016