Giuseppe Montrone

Giuseppe Montrone

Laterza (Ta), Puglia, Italy

About Giuseppe Montrone


Montrone Giuseppe was born in Laterza, near Taranto, in the Italian Salentine Peninsula, on October the 8th, 1963.
At the age of seven he approached sculpture for the first time during one of the visits with his parents around marble caves and labs of different Italian places. On that occasion they went to the lab of a sculptor in Pietrasanta, in Tuscany. The lab was old with barrel vaults and when he came in, he was welcomed by a monumental statue, representing the Archangel Gabriel in white Carrara marble. It was illuminated by a skylight. Close to it there was a sculptor at work, shrouded by a cloud of white dust. He stayed for a while in that lab, looking at the sculptor intensely.
That image is still neat in his mind and has been with him along his whole artistic career.
Afterwards, even if he studied marine Biology, he went on growing the passion of monumental sculptor, so that at a certain point of his life it has become his current job.
Working in different sculpture laboratories, concretely experiencing with various methods, techniques and material according to the places, along his career he carved in Carrara, in Pietrasanta, in Volterra, where he knew the alabaster and then in Greece, the cradle of Art, finally coming back again to Salento, the cradle of Baroque art, in order to sculpt the typical material of this land.
He currently live and sculpt monumental works where he was born.
He sees sculptures in motion, still images of actions that highlight a tension or an emotional state. He is interested in studying bodies and their skin, in moving surfaces, and in particular in the lightness of the beauty in polychromatic motions, concentrating on the lines of the light, carving the light, which hits the main subject.


Graduated in Surveyor and then Degree in Marine Biology, at the same time I was studying in the sculpture schools of LABORATORIES of different PLACES.