Gianni Musaio

Gianni Musaio

Monopoli, Italy

About Gianni Musaio

I Was born on 08/06/1971in Monopoli - Italy. I make too much works before these. Now I'm a Business man ;-D I make adv projects for Italian Brands and enterprise.I'm an ADv Art Director I love photos so I impress in a Picture all real sensations that make me feel well.,


I'm qualified like a tecnical director, but now I'm a final-year undergraduate in communication and media tecnologies. I worked like an account for some enterprise that made tecnological instruments for adv and printing. I understood that it wasn't my desired work. I like the creativity and new ideas so I became a new life. I came back to university and I began againg to increase my professional and personal skills.,


Future Shows: I would like to publish a book with my photos