Myriam O

Myriam O

Santiago, Metropolitana, Chile

About Myriam O

"Since artists have been affected by the pandemic, I was invited along with other fellow artists to express ourselves in CARAVAN's new blog. You may read my feelings here:
Myriam O is a Chile born multi talented artist, professional oil painter, performer and writer. Being an artist is her way of life. Her fondest childhood memories are those of attending the opera and turning the pages of art and museum books. She is a passionate interpreter of jazz standards and Latin songs, then, painting was kept somewhat on hold, however greatly missed for in painting she finds a much-sought world of silence. Thus, she decided to devote herself equally to both disciplines, a decision she has never regretted for her artistic endeavour became more fulfilling and complete. Her paintings are in private collections in Chile, UK, USA, Denmark and Malta. In 2015-16, she was selected to participate in non-commercial biennale The Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale, in Malta, representing her natal country. Also in Malta, and invited by CARAVAN —non profit organization focused in peace building through the Arts between the creeds and cultures of the East and West— she participated in the exhibition "Mediterranean Peace Donkey". She was then welcomed by Raven Art Society gallery and later by Johnson's Gallery both in Battersea, London UK. She takes part in selected collective exhibitions in Chile every year.
“I am a sentimental artist. When painting, blending what I see, how I feel and what I want is mostly a spiritual experience, a constant prayer in solitude, lovingly and joyfully carried. I feel painting is a journey through the longings of the heart and the windmills of the mind, just as life itself. Oil remains my preferred medium; it is romantic, melancholic and infinite. However, I'm not afraid to experience with other media such as collage and even going digital, for the images I see in my mind seek to be brought to reality in different ways".
"I'm always ready to deliver my art in time, so you're welcome to browse my collection and make a choice!"
Since Oct.2019 when the riots, looting and charring stroke my country, the arts world was already severely damaged. 2020 has been equally awful, everybody around the world is affected some way or another. The good part is I became a columnist for a digital women's magazine and a newspaper. I took the chance to illustrate some of them with collage artworks. I write in Spanish, you're welcome to read my favorite ones using the links:


-"Oil painting, nature and landscape" at Corporación Cultural de Las Condes, in Santiago.
-"Color" workshop and course at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile by renowned National Arts laureate Professor Mr. Vilches, a disciple of Josef Albers


2020 May. Solo exhibition "EYES UP-Levanta tu mirada" Corporación Cultural de Las Condes POSTPONED to 2021
2020 collective online exhibitions
2019 September. Solo exhibition "Eyes up - Levanta tu mirada", 12 September - 5 October at Bosque Nativo Art Gallery, Puerto Varas, Chile
The Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale, 2015-2016,


2020 May. Solo exhibition "EYES UP-Levanta tu mirada" Corporación Cultural de Las Condes POSTPONED
2020 collective online exhibitions
2019 12 September - 5 October, “EYES UP - Levanta tu mirada” solo show at Bosque Nativo, Puerto Varas Chile
2019 April - June Global Mosaic international Exhibition by CARAVAN Arts, collage PAX
2019 March Postal Art, International exhibition Santiago Chile
2018 Bosque Nativo Gallery representation
2018 September 5ª Feria Arte La Porfía, Punta Arenas, Chile (represented by Bosque Nativo gallery)
2018 August Bosque Nativo gallery collection, collages. Puerto Varas, Chile
2018 Johnson's Gallery, limited ed. original digital art
2017 Xº Concurso de Artes Visuales FOBEJU, “Ideología respeto y discriminación” Diciembre, Círculo Israelita de Santiago
2017 “Humano urbano”, Muestra Internacional de Artes Visuales Noviembre, Corporación Cultural de La Reina
2017 Johnson's Gallery, oils. Londres-Inglaterra
2017 March "No muses, no models"
2016 December "Del sonido al color" solo show
2016 Sept. "La mesa criolla" Santiago, Chile
2016 Johnson's Gallery & Framing, London UK
2016 May-June Collective "Immigrant"
2016 March, Collective on tour, Remebering painter Francisco de la Puente by APECH
Feb. Fiberglass 3D piece, CARAVAN project Ta Pinu Shrine Gozo, Malta
2016 Christmas Exhibition oils, RavenArt Society London UK
2015 Nov-Jan 2016 participant artist & performer at The Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale, Malta