Paul J Bucknall

Paul J Bucknall

Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

About Paul J Bucknall

As a multi disciplined international award winning photographer who strives for continual perfection and that perfection is just out of reach, elusive. Each image I believe can always be improved; can be changed; can have a deeper meaning hidden beneath the surface and it’s my intention to draw the viewer into that image.
I draw inspiration from past generations of artists. I particularly like the darkness and tension within Caravaggio’s works, the technicality of Leonardo da Vinci and the abstraction of Vincent Van Gogh. Some of these ideas are easier to transfer into our medium due to the digitalised age. As a photographer we are currently in times where we can express ourselves through our work by changing and advancing our styles. Now forward thinking stock libraries like Arcangel are a portal to creativity where the only limits we have are our own imaginations.
I often use Fibonnaci’s divine ratio, consciously or subconsciously, within my work. This theory runs as a constant throughout the universe being seen in nature, patterns and shapes.
I have a real affinity for travel and I have been fortunate to visit over 70 countries. I have been able to interact with different people and cultures through these experiences.
This travelling has helped me develop a style of observational photography, sometimes by watching an event unfold and second guess the subject. It has helped me with my curiosities about the world and seems to draw me in further by looking at the complexities and interactions surrounding life. It has opened up my senses by allowing me to see great cities to small villages; visiting ancient monuments; to viewing a solar eclipse; to feeling the force of nature through the sea and feel the power of hurricanes.
I have been widely published in travel and tourism guides, books, magazines and billboards


Associate of The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in Visual Arts 1997
Associateship in Wedding and Portrait Photography November 1999
NOCN Certificate Graphic Media Techniques 2003
NOCN Certificate Design Using Illustrator 2003
NOCN Certificate Design Using Photoshop 2003
NOCN Certificate in Creative Arts 2003


I have won many awards and nominations my most recent being:-
Street Photography First Prize 2017 I Shot It Best Photo
The Societies Street Photographer of the Year 2015
Nominated and finalist for Business of the Year 2013 by The Societies
Nominatied in the Black and White Spider Awards, International Awards Honouring Black & White Photography, 2012 in the category of Portrait and Silhouette.
The Societies Open Photographer of the Year 2011
The Societies Environmental Portrait Photographer of the Year 2011
Winner of over 25 Society of Wedding and Portrait Photography International Gold Awards, 15 Highly Commended and over 30 Silver Awards.
Excepted into The Society of Travel & Tourism Photography 2009
The Societies 3rd Overall Photographer of the Year 2011
N&E MPF Best Transparency Award 1998

I have a substantial representation of work with one the world's leading suppliers of the highest quality creative imagery, where I have had many book covers published worldwide.

Trending top 5% of Stockimo iPhoneographers 2015
Trending top 5% of Stockimo iPhoneographers 2016



The Boy From The Woods by Harlan Coben
Dream of Venice in Black and White, JoAnn Locktov
A Map Of The Dark by Karen Ellis - UK
Mort… ou presque by Peter James - FRANCE
Nie opuszczaj by Harlan Coben - POLAND
Den Fjerde Ape by Jo Barker - NORWAY
J’ai toujours aimé la nuit by P CHAMOISEAU - FRANCE
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Passé parfait by Leonardo padura - FRANCE
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The One Man by Andrew Gross - US
Brunetti entre les lignes by Donna Leon - FRANCE
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See How She Dies by Lisa Jackson - US
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Venetian Blood by Christine Volker - US
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Kurze Begegnungen mit Che Guevara - GERMANY
Dödlig bekantskap by Donna Leon - SWEDEN
LAWLESS by Jessie Keane - UK lp
Aaret by Christoffer Carlsson - FINLAND
Le Livre de Dina (Wassmo) - FRANCE
Deepest Roots of the Heart - Chautona Havig - USA
Chat Magazine Issue 26 - UK 2014
In Paradise by Peter Matthiessen - USA
En vinterkveld' by Simon Sebag Montefiore - NORWAY
De man in de schaduw - HOLLAND
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Les rois maudits. La Louve De France (The She Wolf Of France) by Maurice Druon - FRANCE.
In Paradise by Peter Matthiessen -AUS
La foresta - ITALY, Book Club Ed
The Frozen Shroud - UK LP
Hier encore - FRANCE
The Forgotten by Nathan M Greenfield - USA
Denn keiner ist ohne Schuld by Elizabeth George - Germany
Ma, I've Reached for the Moon an I'm Hittin the Stars by Martha Long - UK
La sposa dell'Auschwitz - ITALY
En torn i øjet by Julie Hastrup - DENMARK
Dark Corners Of The Mind by Paul Bucknall - Blurb

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