Paulina Wong

Paulina Wong

hong kong

About Paulina Wong

born in Hong Kong
live and work in Hong Kong and California

My artistic career only truly began in my fifties after I relocated from Hong Kong to the United States in early 1990s. In my early works, I sought to express my experience in living in two different parts of the world. And as 1997 approached, the historic handover of my city, Hong Kong, from Britain to China has inspired a series of works Boxes filled with Colors, Double Boiler, and My City. Throughout the years, my style has evolved from realism to minimalism to conceptualism, and now, to abstract expressionism. No matter how far I go, there is a colorful edge pertaining to my works, expressed in a kaleidoscope of forms and thoughtful compositions.


Education :

University of Hong Kong B.A
University of California,Irvine B.A. (Studio Art )

Solo Exhibitions
Sept2004 Hong Kong Fringe Club
Oct 2003 Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Sept2001 Hong Kong Fringe Club

Group Exhibitions
Oct 2004 Tai Koo Place Hong Kong
Apr 1999
Galerie Lindenberg New York
May 1999 Galerie Gora Montreal