Pavel Prosyanov

Pavel Prosyanov

Astrakhan, Russia

About Pavel Prosyanov

I started taking photographs and printing photographs in a dark room as a boy since 1970. In early 1979, I was already working as a professional photographer, and parallel, I got carried away with creative photography, I photographed for myself what I like.
Most often it is an old town, old houses, details of old architecture, a person in an urban environment, nature. Nowadays, I mostly take pictures for myself..


By and large, my teachers for life are: Henri Cartier Bresson and Robert Doisneau, but they did not know this...


The most significant photo contests are: International photo contest in Moscow "Interfoto - 1997", 1st place in the nomination "environment, science ..."


I never attached much importance to this, although I realized that it was a minus to me ...