Prapti Maity

Prapti Maity

Hillsboro, OR, United States

About Prapti Maity

I am a self-taught artist with a great passion for painting. I don't recall when I started to draw and paint. During my years in high school, my notebooks were always filled with colorful and intricate doodles from cover to cover. I graduated with a master's degree in botany and then decided to follow my passion for painting. I never had the chance to get formal training, but I have mastered the styles and techniques from many different sources and informal painting groups whenever I had the opportunity. Currently I work and create with many different styles using watercolor, oil and acrylic paint mediums. My paintings are focused on themes featuring human emotion, mood, pose from real life or still life objects from nature and sometimes a combination of both. I have also worked on a few surrealist themes. I spend a lot of time observing things around me - colors, light-shadow contrasts, shapes and perspectives. A walk around the neighborhood or a trip to the countryside, I take photos of scenes and objects that I find interesting and study them to create the central idea. Vibrant colors and detailing are the key techniques I use to present the central theme to the viewer.

I was also a member of Oregon Society Of Artists(Portland, OR), participated many exhibitions there.


I graduated in 2011 with Master of Science in Botany from Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, India.