Patrick Simkins

Patrick Simkins

Paris (and London), France

About Patrick Simkins

Patrick Simkins is a young British painter and interactive performance artist who currently lives in Paris.
Patrick’s work examines the idiosyncrasies that make us human and the societies that are born out of these traits.
He uses the parody of social media imagery to create theatrical compositions that document our pursuit of that perfect society, addressing subjects such as group identity, power dynamics, political allegiance, human advancement and other human compulsions.
However, through his own introspective technique of integrating the recycled fragments of his older, less successful paintings, Patrick addresses important concepts about human’s transience, fragility and the mistakes we make - all definitive human characteristics that undermine our efforts to form that perfect society.
Patrick has had numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide: in the UK, France, Germany and the US. He has shown his work at the London Art Fair and the Discerning Eye Exhibition, where he was an invited artist. Patrick has also performed internationally, such as at the Palais de Beaux Arts in Lille, France.
Patrick begins by collaging together photographs from online profiles to create fictional scenarios that dissect, reenact and comment on our pursuit of that perfect society. His theatrical constructions, painted with a rich-hued palette and interchanging between thin layers and thick impasto, force the viewer to interpret the scenes in their own way. This is an important characteristic of the work, because interpretation plays a fundamental role in society today.
"We live in a time when, with our fragmented media, it is becoming easier to create a fake reality by stitching together carefully edited content or footage and sharing it. Most people are far too busy to check the detail". 

Throughout his work, Patrick will often cut up and recycle old paintings to use in new ones. He uses the technique to address concepts about human's transience and fragility in relation to the world around us. These ideas are most visible in Patrick’s still-life pieces. The still-life “Homage to Humans” series is inspired by the artists of the Dutch Golden Age. They comment on our attempts to fight global warming. In society today, we pay homage to the dead and imitate the transience of life with a bouquet of flowers. The flowers in these paintings, however, don't only pay homage to the human lives that might be lost. They also pay homage to themselves: the wildlife that might be lost if humans don't act against climate change now. Constructed from recycled paintings ('Recycled' being the paramount word), the paintings are a clue to where we, as a race, should be paying more attention.

Patrick's collaged heads study the sense of the divine and the human. Often large in size, they aim to glorify the individual. However, made from cut, torn and recycled canvas (recycled paintings of the artist), they also portray the subject's transience and fragility.  The inspiration for the work originally came from a meeting with the athlete Oscar Pistorius, whom the artist met and painted in 2011, and the subsequent fall from grace of the Paralympian. The experience made the artist consider issues of morality, celebrity and human fragility, as well as the hypothesis that greatness is ultimately flawed. 
The works are presented in different ways. The smaller ones come framed, the larger ones are hung like a tapestry. Patrick’s collaged portraits have been exhibited at the Lille Palais de Beaux Artes, alongside a Three Heads performance. To see the performance, head to:


2008 - 1st Class Hons degree in BA Fine Art & Illustration, Coventry University

2005 - Foundation Studies Diploma in Fine Art Painting, Wimbledon School of Art


Patrick puts on performances throughout the year. Check out his website for upcoming events.


Solo Exhibitions:
2017 -
Collaged Heads, Lille Palais des Beaux Arts, France
- “Moments”, BBK Oldenburg Gallery, Germany
- Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships, Sportsworld Hospitality Suite
- Four Communications, Leicester Square, London
- 9 Langton Street Gallery, Chelsea, London
- Drella Gallery, Godalming, Surrey

Selected Group Exhibitions:
- Extraordinaires Objets de l’Ordinaire #6, MPAA, Paris

- London Contemporary Art prize - Store Street Gallery
- Future.e.s Festival, Paris
- Cycles Croisés,Le 6b, Saint-Denis, France

- ING Discerning Eye 2017, Mall Galleries, London - (invited artist)
- Eclosion, Hatsh, Espace Commines, Paris

- London Art Fair 2016, with C&C Gallery
- UK Young Artists Festival, Derby, UK
- "Visions in the Nunnery”, The Nunnery Gallery, London
- Hatsh at Galerie Joseph, Paris
- "La Laideur", Galerie 60 Adada, Paris

- A/S/L, C&C Gallery, London
- Summer Art Prize, Lacey Contemporary, London
- "Rainbow Merchant", Schwartz Gallery, London
- "Surface Tension", The Architects Gallery, Teddington
- Featured in Saatchi Online's "Spotlight on London" collection
- Featured in Saatchi Online's "Street Art" collection

- Repre Art Collective, Tugboat Tea Company, Brooklyn, New York
- Art in Transit, BBK Oldenburg Gallery, Oldenburg, Germany
- Church, Installation project, House Gallery, Camberwell, London

- Repre Art Collective, Silvex Studios, Shoreditch, London

- 20:12, DegreeArt Gallery, London
- Repre Art Collective, The Crypt Gallery, Trafalgar Sq

- National Open Art Exhibition 2010

- National Open Art Exhibition 2009
- Align, Edgar Modern Gallery, Bath,
- Islington Arts Summer Salon, London
- An Age of Miracles, Brick Lane Gallery, London

- New Blood 2008, Britannia House, London
- 63 Degrees, Degree Show , Coventry University
- New Horizons, RBSA, Birmingham


- Three Heads, UK Young Artists Festival, Derby, UK
- Dance and Draw, A/S/L, C&C Gallery, London
- Dance and Draw, BBK Oldenburg Gallery, Germany
- Dance and Draw, "Visions in the Nunnery", The Nunnery Gallery, London - a 'Frieze' recommended event

- Dance and Draw, Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, London
- Dance and Draw, Voila Festival, The Cockpit Theatre, London
- Dance and Draw, Eye Candy Festival, Birmingham
- Dance and Draw, The Workshop, Paris, France

- Three Heads, DegreeArt Gallery, London


- Jour et Nuit Collectif, Saint Michel, Paris
- Repre Art Collective, DegreeArt Gallery, London


2011/12 - BT sponsored Storyteller for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games