David Richardson

David Richardson

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

About David Richardson

My name is David Richardson (born 1970), and I live and paint in Cambridge UK. I originally arrived at Cambridge in 2000 to conduct some Ph.D research at the Plant Science Department, Cambridge University in the area of Evolutionary Plant Physiology for the American Multinational Agrochemical Company, Monsanto www.richardsonphd.blogspot.com. However after some life events I turned away from science to art to become a painter.

If I could properly categorise my art in just a few words then I would call it Expressive Symbol-Surrealism as it crosses several major artist styles. What makes the style Expressive is the colours I use, as I generally choose stark, high toned, primary and secondary colours, and put them together discordantly (colours in dog-leg on the colour wheel) to create an 'other worldly dream-like' effect. In some of my work I use a black background as a phenomenal space to place unusual characters in, that have become personified, coded expressions, of human emotion at an archetypal level, fitting my work into the category of Symbolism. In my investigations into the mind, I have managed to construct the kingdom of Mr Mole (my painting alter-ego), an animal vehicle to carry messages from the subconscious, to the outside world. This psychoanalytical aspect of my work which involves dream interpretation is Surrealist in nature. Ultimately, I want my work to be an aesthetically pleasing, self contained story, that the observer can visually read with assistance of the title and description, and by the end of their observance of my work, they are not left feeling stupid.

Currently I'm working on a collection of 12 New Testament inspired paintings that I have called 'The 12 Apostles of Cambridge'.

A recent achievement of mine, has been for one of my painting's (Going high version #5) to appear on the front cover of October's edition 2012 of The British Journal of Psychiatry.


Also one of my paintings appeared on page 2 of International Art Journal 'Raw Vision' issue 78 2013





St John's College, Cambridge
Class of 2001 · PhD in ''The Evolution of Early Land Plant Physiology'' · Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

University of Plymouth
Class of 1996 · BSc Biology · 1st Class Hons · Plymouth

Shelley Park College of Art And Design - Boscombe
Class of 1990 · Bournemouth

Redlands - Bournemouth & Poole College in Dorset
Class of 1989 · A-Level · Art


Wedding at Cana Water into Wine Miracle - Cambridge Art Salon (20th - 25th April 2014)

Outside In East - The Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge (March 20th - April 4th, 2013)

Mill Road Winter Fair - The Bath house, Cambridge (December 4th 2012)