christine ruddy

christine ruddy

Columbus, OH, United States

About christine ruddy

I am a self-taught photographer who enjoys experimenting with unusual subjects, unique perspectives, and capturing images that others may overlook. I realized my passion for photography rather late in life, overcoming my own internal voice (and the voices of others) telling me that I was too old to learn it, that it was too late. I learned that indeed it was not too late, that we can learn anything we have the will to learn no matter our stage in life. And that it was worth it, and has changed my life in remarkable ways to realize that I can capture images that will last forever and can never be duplicated.

When traveling, I seek photos of places that others may avoid. While typically one would photograph the big tourist attractions in a city, I instead look for the back alleyways, the shop windows, and the people on the street as my subjects. I enjoy creating images that have a unique perspective and illustrate the often overlooked aspects of our culture and history. I like to capture regional images when I travel that speak to the essence of the region that I am visiting.

I am a member of the National Press Photographers Association and have extensively covered events and political issues related to the 2016 US Presidential Election and it's aftermath in both Washington D.C. and in Ohio. My photographs have been used in publications internationally in 24 countries. I am a Shutterstock and Getty Images photo contributor, an artist member of the Ohio Arts Council, a member of the National Geographic "Your Shot" Photography community, and a member of

Current art photography series that I am working on include:

• Mermaid Mystery Series
• Reflections of New Orleans
• What the Shadow Man Left Behind
• Grace and Innocence
• Isabella
• Southern Cross
• The Tea Party



International Monochrome Awards- six 2017 Honorable Mention Awards

11-18-2017 through 1-3-2018: Ohio Art League- Thumb Box Gallery at the Franklin Park Conservatory

-11/18/2017 through 12/30/2017: Mansfield Art Center- Holiday Art Fair

March 3, 2018- Columbus Museum of Art- An Evening with Art.

- May and June 2018- One Person Exhibition at Don Scott Gallery in Worthington, Ohio

7/1/2018 - 8/7/2018- Florida Museum of Photographic Arts- First Place winner in Still Life Category 2018 International Photo Contest, Tampa Florida

- 6/1/2018 - 6/30/2018- One Person Exhibition at Global Gallery in Columbus Ohio

11/29/2018 through 12/15/2018 One Person Exhibition at Majestic Galleries, Nelsonville, Ohio

11/17/2018 - 12/30/2018- Holiday Art Fair at Mansfield Art Center- Mansfield Ohio

1/4/2019-1/26/2019- Southeast Center for Photography- 2019 Member's Show, Greenville South Carolina