Ryszard Ignacy Piotrowski

Ryszard Ignacy Piotrowski

Czerwińsk nad Wisłą, Europe, Poland

About Ryszard Ignacy Piotrowski

The delicacy and sensuality of human body is my main source of inspiration. I do not follow blindly minimalism, cold abstraction or emotional indifference. What I restrain from is this common maniac and overused need of cerebral art. I do not want to create manuals how to read the meaning of my sculptures, I want them to talk for themselves. For this reason, I am not a supporter of any variation of conceptual movements, as I see it only as a stream of unnecessary words obscuring the true beauty. What else do not I like? It’s mainly emanation of ugliness, cruelty and obscenity. Instead, I pursue harmony and calmness. This is how I define classic beauty…


Born in Warsaw in 1952, studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, faculty of sculpture (1971-1976). He graduates with honors being awarded by the Minister of Culture for the best students of art schools. An assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in prof. Chmielewski’s sculpture studio in years 1976-1981. During this time he works mainly on solutions to spatial land art with prof. Piniński and prof. Zabłocki. At the outbreak of martial law he changes the profile of creative work: starts working mainly in silver, small sculptures and jewelry. At this time, he establishes permanent cooperation with leading Polish galleries: PN, Art, Zapiecek as well as participates in numerous exhibitions home and abroad. His silver sculptures are cast in repoussé technique. The year 1989 takes Piotrowski back to the world of big sculpture projects made in stone, wood, ceramics and bronze. He takes on drawing as well as outdoor projects. Constant cooperation with leading galleries in Warsaw, Krakow, Paris, Eindhoven, Arnhem and Berlin, participates in the open-air workshops and art shows: Toranto (Italy), Volgré (France), the Edinburgh Festival.


2016 – individual exhibition, Maestro Maksymiuk jubilee concert;
2016 – individual exhibition, Edinburgh, United Kingdom;
2016 – individual exhibition, Pasym;
2015 – individual exhibition, Edinburgh, United Kingdom;
2015 – individual exhibition, Orleans, France;
2012 – individual exhibition, Warsaw Zapiecek Gallery;
2010 – group exhibition, Warsaw Zacisze Gallery;
2009 – group exhibition, Hamburg, Germany;
2008 – group exhibition at the Mazowiecki Center of Culture (Warsaw, Łomża, Olsztyn, Ciechanów)
2007 – group exhibition, Berlin;
2007 – group exhibition, Paris;
2007 – exhibition and open-air workshops, Volgré, France;
2005 – group exhibition, gallery Traffic;
2004 – group exhibition, Orleans, France;
2004 – group exhibition, Taranto, Italy;
2003 – group exhibition, Halmstad, Sweden;
2002 – individual exhibition in the DA-DA gallery;
2000 – Warsaw ZPAP Colossi of Arts Palace of Culture Warsaw Art Fair;
1999 – Warsaw ZPAP Tunnel of Time;
1989 – Olsztyn;
1985 – Sydney;
1985 – Krakow,
1985 – Olsztyn;
1984 – individual exhibition, Warsaw;
1982 – exhibition of small forms of sculpture and jewelry in silver, Legnica;
1982 – exhibition of small sculptural forms and jewelry series named “Skulls”. The event organized together with another renown Polish painter Franciszek Starowieyski in Piotr Nowicki’s PN Gallery;
1979 – Festival of Art “Zachęta” Warsaw;
1979 – Biennale Dantesco, Ravenna Italy;
1978 – Warsaw;
1976 – Debiuty’76, Królikarnia