Steve Ferris

Steve Ferris

Cambridge, East Anglia, United Kingdom

About Steve Ferris

I have over 20,000 finished pieces now. Some are very small, but some are 8' across. I do representational work as well as abstract, but am concentrating on the latter at the moment. The work is big and bold, but I believe there has to be a symbolic framework within a painting for it to have any proper meaning. I often incorporate myths and legends.

I truly have become the paradigm for 'a starving artist.' I have reduced my budget to a pound a day, and rely on food bank handouts to survive. I spend far too much on paint!

Thank you to everyone who has bought my work. I hope the pictures bring you much joy. You indirectly support CAYAC. This is an organisation I set up to support young people in the county in a time of slashed funding and under-appreciation of the subject in schools. It stands for The Cambridgeshire Area Young Artist Competition.

In a bid to rustle up some sales, I will be slashing prices over the next few weeks. I feel that I have to engage with this art-world thing as much as I can. I have just hit 60 and do not want to be like Vincent van Gogh, successful after my demise!


Kimbolton School
Homerton College, Cambridge PGCE, 1999.


Studied History of European Art at The Courtauld Inst. 1976-9
Foundation Course at AHEC (now Anglia Ruskin University) 1990
Published 'The Cub-Hunting Season,' Vintage, 1994.
Published several short stories and about to be included in a new poetry anthology early next year.


Currently in group show at The Saffron Walden Gallery.
Previous group show at same venue.
2012 RA Summer Show.
2004Solo at The English Martyrs Gallery, Hartlepool.
Solo at Homerton College, Cambridge after being artist-in-residence.