Stuart Marcus

Stuart Marcus

Santa Monica, CA, United States

About Stuart Marcus

After having a successful career in Interior Design and Lighting my passion for form and color led me to a unique artistic expression. With my keen design eye I constantly formulate ideas inspired by nature, urban imagery - especially architecture, and by my passion for travel to unusual locations throughout California and the world.

My subject matter of late has emerged from my fascination with the reflective nature of building exteriors as seen through their glass facades and tightly structured urban dreamscape. I have begun to insert a figure or figures into my work which seems to tell a different story. I devote my energy to my visual expression.


Graduated UCLA in 1960 and then studied art under American artist Tom Wudl.


Inglewood Artist Open House, 11/2012
1019W.Manchester Artist Open House, 6/2013
Zero Down, 5/31/2014


Upstream Peoples Gallery Internation Art Exhibit, Online 2014
Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery, 2014 and 2015
Beverly Hills Art Show, 2014
50th Founders Exhibition, Naples, Fl. 2014
Art Fusion, Miami, 2014
Saatchi Art, Artist of the week in August, 2015
Axis gallery 11th Ntl. Juried Exhibition, Sacramento -2016
LAAA 2016 Open Show, L.A.
The Affordable Art Show, NYC 2017
LAAA "Thunder Of Meaning - 2017
LAA - Gimme 5 group show - 2017
LA open 2018, group show
The Other Art Show, L.A. 2019
Red Dot, Miami, group show 2019