Vanja Subotic

Vanja Subotic

Subotica, Serbia

About Vanja Subotic

I was born in Vukovar, the former Yugoslavia. Currently I reside and work in Subotica, Serbia.
Starting point of my work is based on feelings of inner self in different contexts and a desire of self exploration through different media and artistic techniques.
My work commences as a translation proces of personal experiences observed from a distant and objective perspective with an aim of finding a place and meaning in a wider collective space.
While my artistic process develops it appears to extend the language borders and transcend the reality in order to establish a personal system of values and symbolic order and to review the relation of drawing/painting as a spiritual discipline (non symbolic) to the existing systems.



I graduated from High School in Novi Sad at the Department of Fine Arts and conducted both Bachelor and Master Studies in Painting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia.