Tom Lietzau

Tom Lietzau

Bristol, United Kingdom

About Tom Lietzau

I am a professional artist painter with Master’s Degree in Fine Art. I work in a variety of mediums and styles and communicate through free expression.

My artistic practice spans a wide range of subjects, from various aspects of communication, language and arts perception, to the role of art as social commentary. My recent interests include continuity of place as a link between the past and the present, which is reflected in my newest series of atmospheric cityscapes.

My works have been shown on numerous solo and group exhibitions across Europe, including France, Germany, Poland and UK.


University of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland


Current exhibition:
"Our eARTh", Kunsthuis Gallery, York - 24th March to 23rd December 2018

Selected past exhibitions:
2018 - “Restless City” (solo exhibition), Christmas Steps Gallery, Bristol

2017 - “Colour Code“, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield

2017 - “Landscape Brine” (solo exhibition), The Victoria Park, Bristol

2016 - “Chrysalis”, Devonport Guildhall, Plymouth

2016 - “Hanging Instructions”, Fringe Arts Bath

2015 - “Around Me” solo exhibition, The Victoria Park, Bristol

2014 - “Illustrations for Unwritten Tales” solo exhibition, Art on the Hill, Bristol

2014 - “Masculine Territories in Art”, The Arts and Culture Centre Gallery, Konin, Poland

2012 - “Note Painting: Analogue Algorithm”, solo exhibition, The Arts and Culture Centre Gallery, Konin, Poland

2011 - “Forms-Pictures”, solo exhibition, MS Gallery, Pila, Poland

2011 - “Together-Apart” Interdisciplinary Artist Encounters, Pila, Poland and Kunsthalle Willingshausen, Germany

2010 - “Between Us” Interdisciplinary Artist Encounters Pila, Poland and Homberg, Germany

2010 - “Masculine Territories In Art” The Arts and Culture Centre Gallery, Konin, Poland

1992 - 2010 Annual exhibitions “Salon Pilski” – Arts Exhibitions Office, Pila, Poland

1996 - International Architecture & Video Workshop – Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany

1996 - WRO ’96 Monitor Polski” – Wroclaw, Poland

1995 - “Allusions, Illusions”, solo exhibition, University of Fine Arts Poznan, Poland

1995 - “Net Work”, solo exhibition (video installation), University of Fine Arts Poznan, Poland

1995 - “WRO ’95 New Media Art Biennale” – Wroclaw, Poland

1994 - “Non-existent Pictures”, Byam Shaw School of Art, London

1994 - “Symbols”, solo exhibition, The Garbary 48 Gallery, Poznan, Poland

1994 - “The Place of Cult”, solo exhibition, The International Arts Centre, Poznan, Poland

1993 - “Young Polish Painting”, “Zamek” Culture Centre, Poznan, Poland and various cities in U.S.

1992 - "The Opening", E-Gallery, Poznan, Poland

1989 - "The French Revolution 1789 - 200th Anniversary", The Poster Museum in Wilanow, Warsaw, Poland / Paris, France