Valeria Pesce

Valeria Pesce

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

About Valeria Pesce

I'm an Italian artist living in Barcelona (Spain), place where I started my career as a painter. Since I started, painting has become an urgent need. Fascinated mostly by pulsating life, water, but not only, also people and nature in general. Water as an element in eternal transformation. Fishes as elusive colored dots constantly moving in the water which occasionally becomes the sky and then all creatures fly. Colors are the vectors of my emotions.
Painting to me is a never ending process so that sometimes (quite often) I take old paintings and retouch them, add or change something or simply erase them and start a new one.
I use to work on different paintings and subjects at the same time, depending on the energy of the day.
I start with an idea but the result is often completely different from the initial concept, I try to flow with the new solution coming out from the canvas. The most difficult point is to decide whether a painting is finished or not, It is a wonderful feeling, having a small piece of me hanging in houses all over the world.


IED, Cagliari Italy / FIT, NewYork


April 2018
26 April - small talk about my work as a painter "In Artist" Event - Hotel Havana Barcelona

April 2017
20 meters round wall painting (mural) in a 4 stars beach Hotel, Aquadulci, Chia, Sardinia, Italy + 12 pieces round fish paintings of different sizes installation at the same Hotel reception.


DELICARTESSEN19 group exhibition, Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona
ACQUE CELESTIALI, on line exhibition for Vesaniart Gallery

DELICARTESSEN18 group exhibition, Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona
"ULTIMA COLECTIVA DE LA DECADA" group exhibition, Espai B Galería, Barcelona Nov 21 - Dic 31

"COLECTIVA D'ESTIU" group exhibition, Espai B Galería, Barcelona July 5 - August 5
"FLOWER FLOW" group exhibition, Eclectic Gallery, London, April 11- June 12

"COSMOLOGIA PESCINA" Hotel Aquadulci, Chia, Cagliari, Italia

"SVELATI" collettiva T Hotel, Cagliari, Italia

"COLECTIVA DE NAVIDAD" galería ESPAI B, Barcelona, Spain

"IN MOVIMENTO" Akashi Gallery Barcelona, Spain

"SIRENES" galería ESPAI B, Barcelona, Spain
"SENSUALE E SENSIBILE", collettiva, Cagliari, Italy
"ALTA MAREA" Hotel Italia, Cagliari, Italy

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