Jozsef Gyecsek

Jozsef Gyecsek

Szentgotthard, Hungary

About Jozsef Gyecsek

1970 Born in Szentgotthard " Jozsef Gyecsek's painting expands and grows richer with slow, subtle, hardly observable changes and conquers for his paintings those scenes of the world perceptible to our senses which he has already stalked. His materials: sackcloth, packthread, glue, plywood, oil colour, chalk, graphite, paper, copper, brass and brass plate. He tears, cuts, binds, screws, threads the edge of the canvas, sticks, primes, he applies mass with hand or with a spatula. He paints at once or in more layers, uses glaze or scribbles. He makes use of luck and contingency. The fallible, patched, torn waste-canvases, which are stuck on the picture bring the sight closer to the spectator, they resemble familiar sensations of touching and bring back obscure memories. Sometimes painting does nothing more but emphasizes the spatial elements of the relief-composition made up of patches, sewings and threads. Jzsef Gycsek knows that a surface should not be burdened with more than it can take optimally. Some of his paintings are imbued with a kind of ease. The quantity, weight and proportion of shapes, colours and formations are calmly considered. It can be suspected that the seemingly simpliest, elegantly executed compositions gave him a hard time. Each painting is a peculiar colour-constellation, shaped in a determined, unquestionable way. "-Ilona Keserü


1989-1993 Academic studies at Berzsenyi Daniel Teachers' Training College in Szombathely Major: Drawing and History 1994-1997 Student at the Master's School of Fine Arts, Janus Pannonius University in Pecs Faculty of Painting, Prof. Ilona Keserü ,


2016 "From A to V (& back)", Gallery Arcis, Sárvár (H)
2015 Church Gallery, Szentgotthárd (H)
2013 "Reflexions", ArtBázis, Budapest (H) (with Csaba Oroszy and Zoltán Telek)
2008-2009 "ENTROPY", ArtBázis, Budapest (H)
"ENTROPY", Szombathely Art Gallery (H)
"ENTROPY", Small Gallery, Pécs (H)
2006 "18 Small Heidelberg's", Buchhandlung Himmelheber, Heidelberg (D)
2005 Embassy of The Republic of Hungary, Ljubljana (SLO)
Gallery of Ljubljana's Painters Association, Ljubljana (SLO)
2004 "Closing Pictures", House of Arts, Szombathely (H)
2003 "Closing Pictures", Small Gallery, Pécs (H)
Hotel Lipa, Szentgotthárd (H) (with Ferenc Király)
2001 Zsida (H) (with Imre Nagy and Gábor U. Nagy)
Downtown Antique, Budapest (H)
2000 Paracelsus Clinic, München (D) (with Krisztina Lehoczky)
Hotel Rubin, Budapest (H)
MEGA Sat GmbH, Düsseldorf (D) (with Csaba Oroszy, Balázs Telek and Zoltán Telek)
1999 Town Theatre and Slovenian Information and Culture Centre, Szentgotthárd (H)
1998 Gallery Eremitage, Göttingen (D)
"Home Dreams", Town Concert and Exhibition Hall, Zalaegerszeg (H)*
"Home Dreams", House of Culture called Ferenc Erdei, Kecskemét (H)*
"Home Dreams", House of County Culture, Eger (H)*
(*with Ágnes Árvai, Márta Csille and Gyöngyi Gyöngyösi)
1997 Janus Pannonius University, Pécs (H)
House of Arts, Pécs (H)
1992 Dániel Berzsenyi Teachers' Training College, Szombathely (H)
1991 Town Theater Szentgotthárd (H)
House of Culture, Vasvár (H)
Group exhibitions
2016 "COLOUR STRENGTH 6", m21 Gallery, Pécs
2016 "Exhibition of selected works from the International Fine Arts Colony Szentgotthárd", Gallery Museum, Lendava (SLO)
"János Horváth 8+7", Church Gallery, Szentgotthárd (H)
2014 "Parallels and Encounters - Exhibition in Honor of Ilona Keserü Ilona", Szombathely Art Gallery (H)
2013 "WORKSHOP" - Exhibition of the Archive of the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, University Pécs, m21 Gallery, Pécs (H)
"Selfe Portraites", Galeria Arcis, Sárvár (H)
"Ars Pannonica Biennial 3", Collegium Hungaricum, Wien (A)
Chapel, Sitke (H)
2012 "Biennial Of Fine Arts In Szombathely 3", Savaria Museum, Szombathely (H)
Christmas "Light gap" (installation), Chuch Gallery, Szentgotthárd (H)
2011 Art Market Budapest 2011, Milennáris, Budapest (H)
2010 "COLOUR STRENGTH 5", Factory Zsolnay, Pécs (H)
"The Pécs's Master's School of Fine Arts is 20 years old", Gallery Nádor, Pécs (H)
"Rimini Protokoll", Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg (D)
2009 "From the collection of Pécs's Master's School", Gallery Nádor, Pécs (H)
"Face, cheek, visage", Ráday Cellar, Budapest (H)
2008 "COLOUR-STRENGTH 3", Factory Zsolnay, Pécs (H)
"Biennial Of Fine Arts In Szombathely", Szombathely Art Gallery (H)
"COLOUR-STRENGTH", Balaton's Museum, Keszthely (H)
2007-2008 "Euregio" Art Awards 2007,
Zalaegerszeg(H), Szombathely(H), Eisenstadt(A), Győr(H)
2007 "Szentgotthard's International Workshop", Ljubljana (SLO), Gallery Museum, Lendava (SLO)
"COLOUR-STRENGTH 2", Factory Zsolnay, Pécs (H)
"Studying", Galerie 2B, Budapest (H)
2005 Art Of The Region, Museum Savaria, Szombathely (H)
2004-2005 "ARTEUphoria", Lendava (SLO), Murska Sobota (SLO),
Zalaegerszeg, Szombathely, Nagykanizsa (H)
2004 "New Works", Szombathely Art Gallery (H)
2001 "Antique Interieur", Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle), Budapest (H)
"The Saloon of County Vas", Szombathely Art Gallery (H)
2000 "Then and Now", Gallery Csepel, Budapest (H)
"Artist' Colony For Slovene Artists Living Abroad", Town Hall Saloon, Maribor (SLO)
1999 "The Four Cardinal", The Olof Palme House, Budapest (H)
"The Memory of Paul Klee", House of Arts, Szekszárd (H)
"Art Expo Fresh", ArtMill, Szentendre (H)
1997-1998 "Oil on Canvas", Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle), Budapest (H)
Gallery of National Theather, Bucharest (RO)
Cluj, Kolozsvár (RO)
Novi Sad (SRB)
Skopje (MC)
1997 "In Different Material", Gallery Tölgyfa, Budapest (H)
"White Pictures", Gallery Vigadó, Budapest (H)
1996 Budapest Art Expo, Budapest (H)
"Architectural Glass Exhibition", Small Gallery