Karolis Bikinas

Karolis Bikinas

Manchester, United Kingdom

About Karolis Bikinas

Karolis Bikinas is a designer and maker of all Emperor of Grace jewelry pieces. Every single piece is sketched and handcrafted by himself.

In work, he is using all sort of different materials, from semi-precious stones to gold. Mainly for his jewelry, he is using sterling silver. In the future, Karolis is thinking of including enamel in his work.

Inspiration to create comes from the passion for fantasy world and beauty of nature. He likes to say 'You just need to open your eyes and you will see beauty in everything and everywhere'.

His creativity began at an early age. In home country Lithuania, Karolis finished Art School and later Arts University. He was working for a couple of well-known artists in the country. At the moment he has around 8 years of experience in the crafts industry.

Karolis loves to work with different people, he likes to help them and they inspire him to create.


Vilnius Art Academy Faculty. Jewelry and Sculpture.