Her name is MAMU

Her name is MAMU

Neuenhaus, Uelsener Str. 25, Niedersachsen, Grafschaft Bentheim, Germany

About Her name is MAMU

Painter and performance artist.
Long time ago I absolved the Staatliche Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste Hamburg. MAMU derives from the abbreviation for Malende Mutter. After having left his studies in Vienna with a bachelor of economics and film my son Niels is living with his great love Trin Liz in Stockholm. My daughter Mira Xenia has got a stipendium for arthistory and history first at Princeton and now at Harvard University, and at the present time she is in progress to graduate there. At the present time she is living with her husband Paul Schwerda at Edinburgh.

When I was young I went alone to the Ivory Coast in Africa. The musician El Maistro Laba Sosseh, Superstar de Dacar, travelled with me along the African States.
The African spirit inspired my painting style.
I produced a painting installation: In the name of the law. I thougt about tribal judges
doing their ceremonial in the African forest
and about our European institutions in the name of the law and about church ceremonials.
This is all the same. You have to believe in it
or you do not believe in it. Caused by the way of life of my husband the bibliosoph and bookculterer Guenther Rossipaul I have been in court again and again. Several times I had to pay our debts with my paintings.

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Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg
SHfBK Hamburg



For example, the painting >Presseduelle unterwegs zum Frauenstimmrecht< had been shown in
Stadtbibliothek Reutlingen, foyer, until juli 27th.
and from 5th november 2019 (VERNISSAGE 17.30) to 5th december in DGB Haus Stuttgart, the painting has already be shown in Hauptbücherei Wien in march and april 2019, Vienna, and before in
Buecherhallen Hamburg, Zentralbibliothek
from 4th January to 2nd February 2019 in an
touring exhibition by FORUM KUENSTLERINNEN e. V.


All at: www.mamu-kunst.de

At the present time 2020 I am very very very busy doing huge paintings 1,70m x 2,40 m to actual society topics. Two are done, I ordered the third canvas of these measures. They are not yet photographed.

Recent exhibitions: My painting > Alexander von Humboldt. zwischen
Wildnis und Wissenschaft< was shown from
2nd august to 28th september 2018 in the
7. Internationale Biennale Hamburg by Kulturaustausch
Hamburg Übersee (catalogue).
Frauenmuseum Bonn showed my work
>Hannah Karminski and Bertha Pappenheim -Die Rettung jüdischer Kinder< oil on canvas 180x240 in the exhibition >Freundinnen< (catalogue) in 1918/19 and
2020 in theexhibition >100 Jahre Frauenpolitischer AufbruchWer war Mona Lisa< from 13.01 to 10.03.2013. MAMU participated with the painting >Mona Mama< and with a short text that develops her thesis to the case. A catalogue about the exhibition is available. MAMU is looking for a new real space to show her >Biblioperformance< and for a publisher for her work >mamumemos< without costs for her part?!!
2011 Kreishaus Nordhorn and Produzentengalerie Pupille, Reutlingen. 2012 African Paintings by
MAMU in Gallery Inge Homuth at Frankfurt am Main. MAMU performed the >Biblioperformance< in Stadtbibliothek Nordhorn, activating the audiance to read concret poetry by Max Bense in a wild way.In the same space paintings and drawings about reading people were hung on the walls.
2014 I participated with >verkabelt und vernabeltSingle MumsWo sind unsere Söhne?< in > Frauen in Krieg und Frieden. 15-45-15<
(catalogue) in Frauenmuseum Bonn.
In 2017 there were three solo exhibitions in >Das Kunstwerk< Schüttorf, in Projektraum Am Steintor, Bremen and in >Salle Jacques Chamaillard< in Boussy-Saint-Antoine, France.