Monika Malinowska

Monika Malinowska

Węgrzce, małopolska, Poland

About Monika Malinowska

I was born in Cracow, Poland, in 1976.
Granted the title of M.A. in Graphic Arts from the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland, in 2001.

Each painting I create is for me the window I open and through which I transcend, into subtle dimension balancing at the edge of reality. This dimension is like mysterious garden, space of experience where I am carefully tending composition elements, I pull out weeds of my own doubt. When I let my intuition rule surprising discoveries reveal in the wild corners of this garden and I watch visual metaphors unfold at the surface of my work.

I collect small observations about the world around me, in my memory sketchbook or simply on my smartphone photo gallery, so I can refer to them when it’s needed. I paint what I can’t describe in any other way, than through the means of line, color and form. I study and portray what awakes my eyes curiosity and moves emotions to the extend, that it feels significant to be saved from obscurity and expressed. It can be a everyday view from my home window, transformed unexpectedly by the poetry of light or that overwhelming calmness that comes to me when ultramarine dusk falls. Other day, it’s the the innocence of a child's gaze or the anthropomorphic form of the old tree trunk, growing on my street, marked deeply by time.

I recall and translate all those personal insides, by means of universal language of painting, so you can take a look through my works into space of your own emotions.


2001- Diploma in Printmaking from the Atelier
of Coperplate of Prof. Stanisław Wejman, completed
the M.A. higher education studies.

1996 - 2001: Higher education studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Faculty of Graphic Arts

1991 – 1996: Fine Arts Secondary School in Kraków,
Diploma from the Atelier of Visual Design
with annex from the Atelier of Photography


2014, 9-11 May-Art Fair " KRAKOW ART EXPO" at The Tomaszowice Manor near Krakow, Poland
2013, 7-8 December- Art Fair- "Sztukobranie"-Targi Młodej Sztuki at "Palace under the Rams" in Krakow , Poland,
2002- I st award of FLN (internet support for freelance designers) in category of illustration.
2001- III rd award in National Contest for Art Students „ Landscape in Contemporary Painting”, Cracow, Poland
2001- Medal APT International Print Contest,“Premio Agazzi 2001”, Bergama, Italy
2001- II Distinction in I st National contest for young painters in memory of Marian Michalak, Czestochowa, Poland


Group exhibitions:
2021-"Artyści dla Farmy Życia"-Gallery SARP Kraków, Poland
2019-"Portret"-painting exhibition of the Association of Polish Portrait Painters, Gallery Biblio-Art,
Biblioteka Politechniki Łódzkiej, Łódź, Poland
2019-"Portret"-painting exhibition of the Association of Polish Portrait Painters, Gallery" Na piętrze",
Łódź, Poland

1999- “Copperplate atelier of ASP Cracow exhibition”, Jewish Culture Center, Cracow, Poland

2000 - “Young Printmakers” Ceisa Galery, Helsinki, Finland
- “Prints”, “Pod Ręką” Club Gallery, Cracow, Poland
- Postcontest exhibition (All- Polish Print Canson contest for art students), Marchołt Gallery, Katowice, Poland

2001- Postcontest exhibition (All- Polish Contest „Landscape in contemporary painting
“Pryzmat” Gallery , Cracow, Poland
- Postcontest exhibition (All- Polish Contest „Landscape in contemporary painting
“Okna Budimexu” Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
- “ASP Diplomas 2001” Pałac Sztuki, Cracow, Poland
- Postcontest exhibtion ( I st All- Polish Contest for Young Painters
in memory of Marian Michalak ), City Art Gallery, Częstochowa, Poland
2002 - Postcontest exhibtion, II nd International Biennal of Minature Art, Częstochowa,
2004- Exhibition of Fyns Grafiske Værksted members in Skovhuset Gallery, Værlose,