Ana Hercigonja Gutschy

Ana Hercigonja Gutschy

Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

About Ana Hercigonja Gutschy

I was born and live in Zagreb, Croatia, and been interested in art since childhood. After I graduated from School for Applied Arts and Design, studying Art History made a deep impact on my work and more often I began to have a more conceptual approach. Based on the concept I choose media type and how to express it, however never losing interest in aesthetics.
I love to experiment and explore the world, the art, and myself. For me making art is like never-ending play and way to express thoughts and emotions, conscious and subconscious.
Themes in my works are often around philosophy, relationships, humor, contradictions, and values in society and art itself. I think a lot, feel a lot, and more often I try to escape overplanning in making art and let the process, in which I am not in total control, take over.
I work in various art mediums and techniques like painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, art installation, and mixed media.


School of Applied Arts and Design (2000.), Zagreb
Art History and Pedagogy at Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb (2007.)


Solo exhibitions:

2016. „Stylistic language No.871“, Vojnić

2013. „I always long for the background of everything“ Atelier Lučko, Zagreb

2008. "1.", Galery of Group 69, Zagreb

2002. - 2009.

Group exhibitions with Group 69 (Zagreb, Hrvatska Kostajnica, Lovran, Varaždin, Krapinske Toplice, Rab, Ozalj, Valpovo)