Hugh Mendes

Hugh Mendes

London, United Kingdom

About Hugh Mendes

I have been painting images of newspaper clippings for about four years now. They came to prominence in my work following 9/11, the day of my MA graduation, when I showed a painting of Bin Laden pointing a gun at a triumphant George Bush. It had been painted about a month previously. The use of newspaper clippings provides a very flat spatial field, recalls certain trompe loile 17th century still life and can deal directly with contemporary issues such as cloning and terrorism. These are contemporary manifestations of the timeless themes of birth and death. Recently I have been working on an ongoing, and never ending, series of obituaries. Obituaries condense a life into a few column inches and a single image a scrap of newsprint that becomes a heavy token, a memento, even an icon, when rendered in paint.
The act of painting and therefore sustained concentration brings a degree of focus and depth to what otherwise would be fleeting moments in the press.


2000 - 2001 MA Painting, City and Guilds of London Art School
1975 - 1978 BA Painting, Chelsea School of Art

Selected Solo Shows
An Existential Itch
Galerie Braubach5, Frankfurt
An Existential Itch 2001-2008
Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton & Loading Bay Gallery, London
Death from Above
Sartorial Art Gallery, London
2004 Sartorial Art, London
2004 Three Colts Gallery, London
2001 The Foundry, London

Selected Group Shows
2009 New London School
Galerie Schuster, Berlin
2008 New London School
Mark Moore Gallery,
Los Angeles
2007 Still Life, Still
T1+2 Gallery, London
2006 New London Kicks
Wooster Projects, New York
2006 'Beyong the Grave', Sartorial Art, London
2006 'Jerusalem', Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax
2005 'Fuckin' Brilliant',Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo
2005 'Art News', Raid Projects, Los Angeles
2005 Keith Talent Gallery, London
2005 'USUK',Lab Gallery, New York
2005 'Green Door',Sartorial Art, London
2004 'Forest', Rockwell Gallery, London
2004 Three Colts Gallery, London
2004 Plus One Plus Two Gallery, London
2003 'Chockafukingblocked', Jeffery Charles Gallery, London
2002 'Yesteryearnowadays', Hales Gallery, London

Curated Shows
2004 'Art News', Three Colts Gallery, London

2005 Raid Projects, Los Angeles:

'Art News' contemporary artists working with newspaper: Martin Creed, Amikam Toren, Gordon Cheung, Louise Hopkins,Hugh Mendes, Kim Rugg, Alex Hamilton, Chris Cook,Melanie Jackson, Eva Weinmayr, Gillian Wearing

2005 Hackney Empire:
Heaven & Earth
Kiera Bennett, Chris Davies, Barnaby Hosking, Reece Jones, Hugh Mendes, Alex Morrison, Gavin Nolan, Richard Wathen, Isabel Young

2003 Fresh Art Artist of the Year

2005 - Tate Modern, London
2002 - to date City and Guilds of London Art School



Future Shows: PRESS ART30 Jan - 20 Jun 2010Kunstmuseum St.Gallen, Museumstrasse 32,CH-9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland03 July - 24 Oct 2010Museum der Moderne SalzburgMnchsberg 325020 Salzburg,


Obituaries and Other Works
7 - 29 June 2014
High House Gallery, Oxford, UK