Adrianna Wojcik Muffat Jeandet

Adrianna Wojcik Muffat Jeandet

Megève, Haute savoie, France

About Adrianna Wojcik Muffat Jeandet

Biography and recent exhibits

Adrianna Wojcik-Muffat-Jeandet was born in 1975. She is French and originally from Poland. She lives and works in Demi-Quartier close to Megève in Haute-Savoie.

"The element that truly creates Adrianna Wojcik’s singular quality is her work’s residence around the ‘space’ between appearance and disappearance, banal and extraordinary, or trivial and sublime: areas that are undetermined and invisible, that the artist looks to bring forth, and that provoke within the viewer a form of unstable balance—an indecision about what they think they are thinking and feeling; the unspoken brushed to the surface. From this state of weightlessness (which marks a moment in time that is suspended between two cycles of an event taking place, the act of being noticed by someone, or the moment of being produced or just produced) emerges a rare quality, illustrated by so many subjects: anachronistic subjects that are eternal, but nevertheless on the edge of falling; passing-landscapes that are strange and in the process of changing; suspended expressions that are emotionally moving; fluid matter that is barely present and witnesses the ephemeral and fragile dimension of all mental representation; and absent material that allows a long time for the tree behind the expression captured at the instant of a face to appear. We can certainly feel that a story is being told. We don’t quite know which one, but if we have the patience for contemplation, we can allow ourselves to be absorbed. »
Frédéric Elkaïm
Art Consultant, Contemporary Art Market Specialist, and Education Coordinator for the Keys to Art and the Collection program at Cercle Menus Plaisirs in Geneva.


Art education
• Ecole des Beaux Arts du Genevois, France, sculpture, portrait, and figure drawing workshops.
• Abstract expressionism and portrait internships.
• Oil and acrylic technique internships.
• Ecole des Beaux Arts d’Annecy, France, land art, sculpture, and figure drawing internships.

Other professional experience
Since 2007
Atelier du Chat Noir, Megève, France : creation, organization, and direction of painting and drawing classes and workshops.
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1999 to 2006
Business Psychology Consultant
DESS in Work Psychology and in Human Resource Management, Université de Grenoble.


Current personnal exhibits
Refuge / Megève