Anna Madia

Anna Madia

Troyes, Champagne Ardenne, France

About Anna Madia

Anna Madia, graduated in Painting at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin, Italy. She lives and works in France.
In 2011, she’s among the artists selected by Vittorio Sgarbi for the Italian Pavilion of the 54th Venice Biennial (Piedmont Region).
In 2010 she won a triennialy workshop at the Ginkgo Contemporary Art Centre in Troyes (France) and in 2009 she became «tutor in painting» at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin.
Artistically active in France, Italy and abroad, she has been selected as finalist at the Italian Factory Prize in 2004, at the Cairo Award in 2006, at the British Portrait Award of the National Portrait Gallery of London in 2007; she has won in 2008 the Renaissance Prize of the Italian Cultural Institut of London and La Fenice Prize of Venice.
2014: Bursary "Aide a la creation", Champagne Ardenne Region. France.
2014 Finalist top ten Showdown Saatchi Art "Body Electric".
"One to watch" interview Saatchi Art.
"Invest in Art" Spring catalog 2016 Saatchi Art

The vocation for the self-portrait, literature and theater have nourished for years my painting. Ophelia, Alice in wonderland, The girl without hands, are some of the characters that I have chosen to pay homage through my artistic work. Currently, sleep and coma are key elements of the new series titled Sleepwalking. Once a year in my family there was the ritual of washing the wool of the mattresses: every corner of the house was filled with soft cream-colored substance and I spent hours and hours playing and imagine snow-capped peaks and bizarre appearances. Today this tradition is for me a rite of love and liberation from the symbolic stigmata of sleepless nights, nightmares and infirmity: the bed once again becomes the crib in which a new cycle starts. Wool, doilies and hair are the gateway to this world suspended between reality and dream. Searching on sleepwalking and other disorders (narcolepsy, hypnogogic and hypnopompic hallucinations…), I started to investigate another kind of portrait: hidden faces, eyes cleared, enigmatic situations in which flashes and personal hallucinations appear.


Academy of Fine Art of Turin (Italy) 2002
"Tutor" in painting, Academy of Fine Art of Turin, 2008.


2019 October
MELANCHOLIA - solo show - Tokyo - Japan - curated by Crossart Paris-Tokyo. Catalog.

Cold Song - group show - Espace Culturel Didier Bienaimè - La Chapelle Saint Luc - France
Anna Madia - solo show - Galerie MauMu - Gers - France
Autumn 2019:

Silencio - exhibition in Japan - Shibuya Hikarie (Cube) Tokyo
19 June 2018 - by Crossart Paris

Regards - exhibition in Strasbourg - Maison de la region - France


2019 Soloshow in Tokyo
19 June: solo show - Shibuya Hikarie - Tokyo - Japan. curated by Crossart Paris-Tokyo

July: solo show - Centre culturel de Tonnerre - France

June: group show - Maison de la Region de Strasbourg - France

March: drawing art fair "Dessin moi un mouton" - Ppc gallery - Nancy - France

December 2016: "Silencio" The Art Fair + Plus Ultra
Spiral Garden, TOKYO Japan (Crossart Paris-Tokyo)

November 2016: She's lost control - solo show - PPC Gallery - France.
Yia art fair - gallery PPC - Paris
2 july - 23 july 2016 group exhibition
Sii bella e stai zitta - Associazione Italiana di Architettura e Critica - Rome - Italy.
June 2016: "Regards" group exhibition, Maison de la Region - Strasbourg - France.
19 Mai - 20 juin 2016, group exhibition
March: Ddessin Art Fair Paris. PPC Gallery France

December 2015: "Curiositè" The Art Fair + Plus Ultra
Spiral Garden, TOKYO Japan
18-24 december

"Wondrous Strange" solo show
Domaine du Tournefou - Centre Culturel et atelier d'artiste - Palis - France
16 october 2015 - 13 december

Group shows:
Oltre la vita - Fondazione dell'Arsenale - Iseo - Italy
D-dessin Art Fair - PPC Gallerie - Paris - France
Dark Matter - group show - Jeffrey Meier Gallery - New
Jersey - USA
Atomica - PPC Gallerie - Troyes - France
Solo exhibitions 2014:
"Silent Lucidity: Lullaby", Phantom Projets Contemporary, Marigny le Chatel, France.
"Sleepwalking", Camac Art Center, Marnay sur Seine, France.
"Anna Madia", Maison du Boulanger Centre Culturel, Troyes, France.

Last groups exhibitions
2014 Regardes, Anna Madia Muriel Malchus Elise Dufour- Galerie – Musée de la Faïence – Ancy le Franc, Francia.
Aliens, Casa di Ludovico Ariosto, Ferrara. A cura di Frattura Scomposta, Italy.
Arthoteque éphémère3, Galerie de Jihlava, Repubblica Ceca. Catalogo.
Essere (e) Mistero, Palazzo Mediceo, Seravezza (Lu).
A cura di Maria Rita Montagnani. Catalogo.

Small world, Galerie im Park, Brema, Germany. A cura di BerlinSelectedArtists.
Femminile plurale, Galleria Biffi Arte, Piacenza – Palazzo Pirola, Gorgonzola. A cura di Alessandra Redaelli e Frattura Scomposta. Catalogo.
Ordo Amoris, Hado, Galleria Raffaella De Chirico, Torino. Catalogo.
Aliens, Marsiglione Art Gallery, Como.E lite Gallery, Lecce . Palazzo Pirola, Gorgonzola. Catalogo. A cura di Frattura Scomposta.
Peinture, Galerie Pierre Kleinmann, Paris.
Artotheque éphémère 2012-2014 - esposizione itinerante – Regione Champagne Ardenne- France. Catalogo. A cura de l’Orcca
Iconica, Galleria Rezarte, Reggio Emilia, a cura di Francesca Baboni e Stefano Taddei.
Profile, Progetto Maionese, EnPleinAir, Pinerolo. A cura di Elena Privitera.
White Box – Fondazione Amleto Bertoni – Saluzzo. A cura di Giuseppre Biasutti. Catalogo.

Black Sea, Gallery at Avalon Island, Orlando, USA.
A cura di Vera Agosti.