The lunatic is standing on the grass. Charcoal

United Kingdom

Size: 9 H x 11 W x 0.2 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Charcoal on Paper.

This charcoal drawing was inspired by the Pink Floyd lyrics from the album The dark side of the moon. Society is represented by the 'Keep of the grass' sign, encouraging all of us to conform to the common path. Those who stray are condemned as being odd or even mad. However, some people who do not conform end up being the inspiration for new discoveries. Kandinsky talked about a moving triangle containing the worlds population. At each point a solitary figure works alone, pulling the triangle over the new ground they have found. An example would be Van Gogh, who never sold a painting but eventually society has accepted his work as that of a genius. The ground he discovered has now been passed over by most of the triangle. This drawing is done on slightly tinted paper with charcoal pencils. I treat my drawings as an extension of the thinking process, rather than producing a finished picture. As a result, one can see areas that have been rubbed out and redrawn, which captures a time element as I redirect my thoughts. I feel the result can have an integrity, which has not been compromised. I work mostly in black and white, as to introduce colour can dilute and confuse the process of thinking on the paper.

Keywords: Loose Drawing, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Dark Side Of The Moon, Charcoal, Pink Floyd, Darkside, Charcoal On Paper, Free, Conceptual Art Examples, Famous Conceptual Art

Subjects: Music

Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Modern, Figurative, Fine Art, Surrealism

Mediums: Charcoal

Materials: Paper

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