Slavko Dujic

Slavko Dujic


About Slavko Dujic

Painting is for me like telling an emotional story about occurrences and people of today.

To tell a tale by mixing emotion and energy with colour, sometimes intentionally trough the simplicity of a cave drawing, that is my recipe. Transformation by walking between realism and abstraction and vice versa, brings the elements to balance. To demonstrate the purity and beauty of the contact between colour and canvas, is my language. I do not want to search throughout the painting process; Id rather explore and think during the preparation. That makes the battle between the canvas and me sincere. The painters urge to make something personal, authentic and original is not the easiest job, but it gives a special emotional charm and fulfilment at a smallest success.

Slavko Dujic


Picasso once said that the artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: From the sky, from the earth, from a passing shape, from spiders web. Contemporary artist Slavko Dujics kinetic oeuvre of chromatic paintings is emblematic of this statement by virtue of the organic effusiveness of intense emotion and energy evident in his art. Mr. Dujic paints subject matter, such as the human figure, in a manner which is between figurative and abstract, depicting figures with and amongst frenetic, spiraling cacophony of lines so that the forms are nearly indistinguishable. Mr. Dujic paints with brushstrokes that dribble down, zip up and twirl about canvas, presenting a sense of movement to the subjects and creating general sense of motion to the work. His art has, as Mr. Dujic describes, the simplicity of a cave drawing, communicating through the vigorous line and color in a straight- forward manner that lends the art a pure and universal quality. Mr. Dujic paints is an abundance of effulgent red and rosy hues, marked with splashes of icy blues and dashes of yellow. Black and white. The cool blue color juxtaposed against a background of warm red creates balance to the painting and also the sensation that the canvas is a living entity which has slashing temperatures. Fundamentally, the authenticity of Mr. Dujic,s art radiates from the canvas and one may sense the true emotion put forth, thus leaving the senses and mind refreshed and vitalized.

Of Croatian descent Slavko Dujic has exhibited his art in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy. Mr Dujic Studied at the Stedelijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Belgium, Hasselt, where he specialized in abstract art. Mr. Dujic is member of a professional artists association in Holland.

Ruthie Tucker
Executive Director Curator
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery New York

2009. Amsterdam Whitney gallery, New York, USA
2009.Congres center, Gent, Belgium
2009. Wila La Defence, Den Haag Holland
2008. Gallery 21, Aachen, Germany
2008. Gallery Gimnazium-Prum EVBK, Prum, Germany
2008. Limburgs Dagblad office, Sittard, Holland
2008. Gallery Papillon, Amsterdam, Holland,
2007. Fortezza da Basso, Biennale International Del arte Conteporanea, Florence, Itally
2007. Gallery Oost, Hoorn, Holland
2007. Gallery Stadhouse, Landgraaf, Holland
2007. Congres center, Bruxelles, Belgium
2007. Gallery 21, Aachen, Germany
2007. Gallery Stadhouse, Damme, Gelgium
2007. Gallery KVBKB, Gent.Belgium
2007. Museum Federician rooms, Trani, Itally
2007. Museum Monte di Pieta Castle, Barletta, Itally
2006. Gallery School Center Genk, Rotary Club, Genk, Belgium
2006. Museum Estence Castle, Ferrara, Itally
2006. Gallery Stadhouse, Landgraaf, Holland
2006. Paris-expo Centre La Defence, Paris, France
2005. Gallery Collection Schutgroshijde, Amsterdam, Holland
2004. Intenational exhibition Art in Ahoy Rotterdam, Holland
2004. all art is quite uselessGallery Elias Antwerpen,Belgium
2004. -4de salon de art Marseille, France
2003. international exibition Antwerpen, Belgium
2003. international exibition Eindhoven, Holland
2003. Arthouse art gallery Hasselt, Belgium

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