Bianca Kremer

Bianca Kremer

Singapore, South East Asia, Singapore

About Bianca Kremer

Bianca Kremer was born and raised in the Netherlands. From a young age she was mesmerized by the paintings of the old Dutch Masters. In particular she loves Ruysdael and van Gogh.
Her interest in art culminated in studying History of Art. After a while she realised her interest shifted more towards creating art.
When she moved to Asia, finally there was a chance to start painting. Getting lessons from local artist Jimmy Quek she learnt a lot about Asian art. After that she joined classes at Cabaleiro’s Art Studio.
Bianca’s artwork tries to reach you by using bold bright colors and forms.


Cabaleiro Art School
Jimmy Quek Art School
Master of Law
Bachelor History of Art
High School


Pameran Poskad Singapore 2020

Same Same but different II
The Substation Singapore 2019

Same same but different
The Substation Singapore 2018

Pameran Poskad Singapore 2018

Friends for Laos Singapore 2017

Patricia Cabaleiro Art Studio Singapore 2017

Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2016

Pameran Poskad Singapore 2016