Deborah L Robinson

Deborah L Robinson

Calgary, AB, Canada

About Deborah L Robinson

Self-directed artist, renaissance woman, gypsy, free spirit with a talented passion for art, I was raised in many parts of Canada, from sea to shining sea, including the Arctic. I like to think of myself as a student of life, each day a new experience. Creating art provides me with the opportunity to spread beauty. Originally trained in classical music, progressing to blues, jazz, developing an eclectic style as a vocalist, & composer, I also enjoy photography & writing, I am always looking for the deeper meaning, and connection. My art has become a way to express that. Just now I am beginning to scratch the surface of my capabilities. Besides mural work and regular format work, I also specialize in miniature art.Inspiration is found in the simplest things, a raindrop on a window, a certain glow of light, it's reflections, and shadows. Mythology, music, dreams are important... I am working on creating from that. Creativity has always been my salvation, the grace of my existence. My artwork has gone to various parts of Canada and the US, as well as the Caribbean and England.


Self-directed study and practice. Mentors Studied With: Maurice L Loriaux, James L Whitlow, Manuel Gonzales, Graeme Shaw, Heather Bishop
REPRESENTATION Self-Representing


Future Shows: Calgary, Alberta ... & Beyond ... Just finished a LIVE painting event for charity.


Live Painting Event, Opera Centre, Calgary AB May 2014
Caprices Fine Art Show & Sale Inglewood 2013
Calgary Public Library, Petals, Birds & Branches Sept. 2012
Priddis Valley Gardens, Show & Sale, June 2011, Priddis, AB
Priddis Valley Gardens, Show & Sale, June 2010, Priddis, AB
ArtPoint Main Gallery ‘Vision-An Inner Journey’, April 2010, Cal., AB
ArtPoint Upstairs Salon ‘Transmutation’ , October 2009, Cal., AB
Independent Show & Sale, Spring Hotchpotch, April 2008, Cal., AB
Independent Show & Sale, Studio Parallel, Yellowknife, NWT
Open Studio Visits Calgary, Studio Parallel, Yellowknife, NWT
Murals Private Residences Calgary, AB
Commissions Calgary, AB

Murals Urban Interiors, Calgary, AB
Art Fair Drumheller, AB
Artisan Show, Calgary, AB
Studio Parallel, Yellowknife, NWT
Prince of Wales Heritage Centre International Woman’s Day Exhibition, Yellowknife, NWT