Brigitte Bruggemann

Brigitte Bruggemann

Santa Fe, NM, United States

About Brigitte Bruggemann

Born in Stuttgart Germany. Lives in Santa Fe New Mexico, USA

Brigitte Bruggemann
lyrical organic abstractions
Artist Statement

My canvases make reference to places in nature; a forest, a garden, a tree, evoking a keen awareness of cyclical growth and decay, spontaneity and restraint, to make visible the invisible.
With gestural brushwork, drawing into fields of vibrant color, I want to pull the viewer into rich, lush surfaces, dynamic lyrical organic forms. My own movement and marks on the canvas suggest that of a branch moving in the wind, or the river flowing by my house in New Mexico, in joyful celebration of life.
Passages of pure painting, impasto or glazes, offer themselves as touchstones for another reality - glimpses of "What is behind it All"
Luminous Color, defies traditional definitions of Impressionism or Expressionism. With lyrical eloquence and amorphous symbolism I invoke and reach for visual manifestations of a spiritual reality prompted by intrinsic forces of nature.
I live in Santa Fe New Mexico since 1990, have consistently exhibited and sold my work in Santa Fe NM, but also in Houston, Boston, Denver and Europe since 1998.


MFA in painting and Drawing from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Teaching for 7 years at the University level. Showing since 1989 in the USA: Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Georgia and Arizona as well as abroad in Germany and Japan, had her own Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe until recently. She now dedicates her time to the studio exclusiy .The work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Art in Albuquerque New Mexico. Bruggemann, in many private and Corporate Collectors in the USA in Europe and Japan. For more specific info please go to web site
she welcomes visits to her studio outside of Santa Fe


2018 ChaShaMa/ North residency New York
Artist in residency 2014 Bagni di Lucca Tuscany,
5 months residency 2016 Tuscany.
2017 Art Santa Fe
Open Studio 2018 by appointment.
represented in Santa Fe by Canyon Road Fine Art


Many exhibits and solo shows in Santa Fe New Mexico, and other States in the US,
from Brigitte Bruggemann Studio, Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
for exhibition record see website