Bruno Vázquez

Bruno Vázquez

Sevilla, Andalucía, Spain

About Bruno Vázquez

When I paint, I try to transmit the connection I feel with life, with people, with feelings and sensations.
With just a few brushstrokes I want to be able to express my mood, my emotions and connect with the viewer. Every color is a memory of the past, and also is a new emotion, a new energy. If you have the proper painting, with the view of it you can change your mood and the world arround you will change.


I have always painted, all my family are artists so I have the formation within my environment.
I have studied architecture. I worked as an architect for some years. Then I studied cinema, and worked in movies and advertisement for some other years. Then I moved to experimental music and video, and for another years we made performances all over Spain.
In the mean while I was always painting, this is my true passion and I never abandoned it.
Some years ago my daughter was born and I decided to paint full time. I also have studied in the Leith School of Art in Edimburgh, in Artesitio School of Art in Sevilla, in Virtual Art Academy and with masters painters Benjamin Castillo and Ana Olias from Spain.

Here's a video inside my studio:


Solo Exhibition - Rouge Gallery, 2013, Barcelona, Spain
Solo Exhibition - Omnium Gallery, 2014, Seville, Spain
Solo Exhibition - La Barrica Space, 2015, Seville, Spain
Solo Exhibition - La Errante Gallery, 2016, Seville, Spain
Collective Exhibition - Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, 2017 Spain
Collective Exhibition - Fariña Cellar Space, 2018, Spain
Collective Exhibition - Fariña Cellar Space, 2019, Spain
Collective Exhibition - Saltzburg International Artfair, 2019, Vienna, Austria
Collective Exhibition - Af. Art Fair, 2020, Milan, Italy