Damyan Bumbalov

Damyan Bumbalov

Pavlikeni, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

About Damyan Bumbalov

“Every time when my artworks start being liked by too many people, I change my way of expression. There is nothing more embarrassing than to receive positive reviews for a series of paintings – this is a sign for me that something is wrong and that I need a change. In this way I avoid creating my own style, something that all the artists try to do. The style of work is a step of a failure for me and also an erasure of the artist. The style makes from the artist an ordinary craftsman. I don’t like the idea of labeling: abstract art, pop art, contemporary or modern art… The contemporary visual artist must not be influenced by labels. Let’s leave that for the art critics.”
Studied at the Old art school in one of the most prestigious university of arts in Bulgaria, Damyan Bumbalov does not stop to surprise the audience with his slightly scandalous or postpunk works. His art passes through the classical painting, pop art or street art and reaches fresh and aesthetic, sometimes slightly rude, synthesis of several skills. In each of his canvases the viewer can crash onto different layers of diverse creative styles. In his compositions he combines successfully graphic images with classical paintings, decorative elements with street notes, portrait images with cartoon characters, and also expressive abstract moments. This laying of textures and images defies an abstract clearness for the viewers. The contrast between light and dark, warm and cold, painting and graphics give a feeling of comfort and discomfort at the same time. The viewer is confused, but surprised, of this aesthetic bomb, which the artist throws while presenting his painting or sculpture. In this way the viewer receives a completed contemporary work. The art might be called provocative and even scandalous, but that can’t be enough. Damyan Bumbalov’s attitude to the actual and eternal topics in the human nature do not end in itself. Under the rough form and expression there are deeper messages at conscious and unconscious level. These are messages which shake every person who thinks outside the paradigm of mediocrity.
Albert Levaev (art collector and curator)


1992 – 1997: National High School of Fine Arts “Dechko Uzunov” , Kazanlak , Bulgaria .
1997 – 2002 : Master University of Veliko Tarnovo “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” , Faculty of Fine Arts.


Art Symposiums and Plainars :
2019 - International Stone Skulpture Simpozium "Raiuvtsi" , Raiuvtsi , Bulgaria
2019 - Bourgas Sand Skulptures Festival in Bourgas , Bulgaria
2018 - Bourgas Sand Skulptures Festival in Bourgas , Bulgaria
2017 - Bourgas Sand Skulptures Festival in Bourgas , Bulgaria
2016 – Bourgas Sand Skulptures Festival in Bourgas , Bulgaria
2015 – Art Residence “Old School Residence”in Gorna Lipnitsa , Bulgaria
2015 – Graffiti plainair “Freedom” in Elena , Bulgaria
2015 – Graffiti festival in Vratsa , Bulgaria
2015 – “Process Space Art” Festival , Balchik , Bulgaria
2014 – National Graffiti festival in Popovo , Bulgaria
2014 – Skulpture symposium “Freedom” in Elena , Bulgaria
2014 – Art Residence “Old School Residence” in Gorna Lipnitsa , Bulgaria
2014 – Second National Graffiti festival “Refresh” in Vratsa , Bulgaria
2013 – Graffiti festival in Gorna Oriahovitsa , Bulgaria
2013 – First National Graffiti festival “Refresh” in Vratsa , Bulgaria
2013 – Art Residence “Old School Residence” in Gorna Lipnitsa , Bulgaria
2011 - Art Plainair “ Samovodska Charshia – crafts street” in Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria

Participation in contemporary projects :

2015 –International Art action “Fibula” in Process – Space Art Festival
2015 – Online Art Project “Manu Propria “ for visual and epistolary art
2014 - Curatorial project “Hrisa” in Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria
2012 – Art Instalation for “Earth hour” in Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria
2002 – Art action “Target” in Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria
2001 – Art festival “Process space” with art action “Reflection” in Ruse , Bulgaria


Solo Exhibitions:
2019 - Gallery "Sea Casino" , Varna, Bulgaria
2017 - Gallery "Zamen", Amsterdam, Natherland
2017 - Gallery "HALE 3" , Varna , Bulgaria
2015 – Gallery “Bratstvo”, Pavlikeni , Bulgaria
2009 – Gallery “Home Energy” , Kozlodui , Bulgaria
1997 - Gallery “СЧИГП”, Yambol , Bulgaria
1996 – Gallery “СЧИГП”, Yambol , Bulgaria
Collective Exhibitions :
2018 - National Anniversary Exhibition SBH Veliko Tarnovo , Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria
2017- Affordable art fair, Amsterdam, Netherland
2017 – Balkan Quadrennial Of Painting “Myths and Legends of my People”/ Stara Zagora , Bulgaria
2016 – Osten Biennial of Drawing / Skopje 2016
2016- Biennial for contempаorary Bulgarian fine arts “Friends Of Sea”/ Bourgas, Bulgaria
2016 – National Exhibition of Artists educators in Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria
2016 – 42 Abstract in gallery “(A) cube”, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015 – Collective Exhibition “Fibula” , Balchik , Bulgaria
2015 – National Exhibition “Ludogorie” Razgrad , Bulgaria
2015 – National Exhibition “Alians” in Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria
2014 – Collective Exhibition “Taralej” in Plovdiv , Bulgaria
2014 – Collective Exhibition “Collectiv” in Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria
2014 – International Collective Exhibition “Star Rituals” in Gorna Lipnitsa , Bulgaria
2013 – Collective Exhibition “Wake up your walls” in Sofia , Bulgaria
2013 – International Collective Exhibition “Ritual Art” in Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria
2013 – Collective Exhibition “Ïzlojba- Mizlojba” in Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria
2012 - Collective Exhibition “Watercolors” in Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria
2007 - National Exhibition in Pazardzhik , Bulgaria