Chuck Hipsher

Chuck Hipsher

Bloomington, IL, United States

About Chuck Hipsher

I’m most interested in the raw beauty of life. The expected and unexpected colliding to create new storylines. I’m drawn to the gestural aspect of painting. The physicality of it all... How a line, stroke or mass of color from my efforts can both capture and evoke raw ‘feelings’.
My work goes through many stages of development. The advance/retreat method allows for constant editing and discovery through applying more paint/color while simultaneously erasing it - either with large flat edges, sponges, a leaf blower, or even my garden hose.
I am interested in the gesture or movement involved in the creation of my pieces. My mind and mood drive the process from start to finish - determining color, scale, composition and ultimately, a finished state. Nothing is precious and all is subject to change - depending on my state of being during the development.
All of my works are related to a time, place, person or event in my past or present. The viewer will draw their own conclusions with only a simple title to work with. How they see it and what they see is their own to experience.
Having lived and worked in Chicago, New York City, Detroit, Houston and now back in my home state of Iowa, I find I have a rich backlog of information in my emotional bank. While I pay clear homage to The New York School, I also appreciate and have respect for Hopper, Richter, Kiefer, Rauschenberg and Schnabel.
Finally, I'm a firm believer in painting like I live: Make bold strokes, be well-composed, but allow room for discovery and surprise.


School of The Art Institute, Chicago
University of Iowa


• 2019 | Ærø Kunsthal Museum of Modern Art | Ærøskøbing, Denmark
• 2018 | MOBERG Gallery | Des Moines, Iowa | "ANNIVERSARY SHOW"
• 2018 | MOBERG Gallery | Des Moines, Iowa | "FOCUS ON FIVE"
• 2017 | MOBERG Gallery | Des Moines, Iowa | “WINTER SHOW”
• 1996 | LANNON Gallery | “GROUP SHOW” With numerous other NYC area artists
• 1995 | LANNON Gallery | New York, NY | “PAINTINGS” 2 Man Show with Wesley Kimler
• 1995 | LANNON Gallery | New York, NY | “BRIDGE SHOW” American and British artists represented
• 1994 | LANNON Gallery | New York, NY | “CHELSEA GALLERY DISTRICT OPENING SHOW” | With numerous other NYC area artists
• 1991 | GOODYEAR TIRE FACTORY | “THE GOODYEAR SHOW” | With numerous other Chicago artists
• 1991 | SAZAMA Gallery | Chicago, IL | “PAINT” With Brenda Barnum and Kurt Eckert

• 2020 | MOBERG Gallery | Des Moines, IA | "A TEMPORAL LEAP"
• 2016 | Katy Contemporary Arts Museum | Katy, TX | “GESTURAL”
• 1995 | LANNON Gallery | New York, NY | “UNTITLED”
• 1991 | Aon CORPORATION Lobby Gallery | Chicago, IL “| GESTURES”
• 1990 | LANNON Gallery | Chicago, IL | “WHO?”

• Principal Group Corporate Collection | NY, NY
• (MARK) BORGHI FINE ART Collection | NY, NY
• AT&T Corporate Collection | Basking Ridge, NJ
• Kemper Insurance Collection | Lake Forest, IL
• Borg-Warner Collection | Chicago, IL

• “Chicago Fire” | NBC TV Show | Painting included in scene @ 14:46 | Season1 Episode13 “Warm & Dead” | Aired January 30, 2013
• Time Out Magazine | May, 1995 | New York, NY | Featured Show Announcement: “PAINTING / LANNON GALLERY / Charles Hipsher & Wesley Kimler”
• Chicago Tribune | January 18, 1991 | “Big Drawings Reach For Painting’s Weight” by David McCracken