Zoë Arielle

Zoë Arielle

Freiburg, Baden-Wüttemberg, Germany

About Zoë Arielle

Born in New York into a family of professional artists, musicians and performers, creative endeavours have always been a part of my life. Piano and ballet at age 5, drama club, arts and crafts; we did it all. After following an acting program in high school I chose to go into visual art in college, the University of Michigan, from whose School of the Arts I earned my BFA Magna cum Laude. I then went to Columbia University School of the Arts where I earned my MFA. I began exhibiting my work soon after graduation and sold many paintings, both to individuals and collectors. Mark Fisher, who collected many young emerging artists including Jean-Michel Basquait, was a big supporter of my work. After a prolific and intense period of painting I returned to my earlier pursuits of music and acting. In addition to my paintings, I have produced songs and piano music and am a member of ASCAP as a composer/lyricist, performer and publisher. I am also a SAG/AFTRA actress and have appeared in film, television and theatre. Multi-faceted artist, musician,composer, lyricist, poet, actress, singer


University of Michigan/School of the Arts BFA
Columbia University/School of the Arts MFA
New York Studio School for Drawing Painting and Sculpture
Arts Students League


For further info see https://vimeo.com/user59886955

Exhibition December 5,2017 to January 26 2018 Katholische Akademie Freiburg


National Art Center, NYC 1985 AIR Holiday Invitational, NYC 1985 NYU Small works Competition, NYC 1985 22 Wooster St Gallery, NYC 1995 Eastman-Wahmendorf Gallery, NYC 1986 Civilization, NYC, 1986 NoloContendre, NYC 1986 Eastman-Wahmendorf Gallery, NYC 1987 Movietone Muse, NYC 1987 One Penn Plaza, NYC 1988 Parker Bratton Gallery, NYC 1988 900 East 1 St Gallery, Los Angeles, 1992 Firehouse Gallery, Los Angeles, 1993 Comic Relief, Los Angeles, 1995 DADA, Los Angeles, 1996 Phoenix Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2006 Outrageous Art, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2006 Artwork London, London, England 2007 Featured Shows S.R. Rage Gallery, NYC, Three person show, 1986 S.R. Rage Gallery, NYC, Two person show, 1987 S.R. Rage Gallery, NYC, One person show, 1988 S.R. Rage Gallery, NYC, One person show, 1989 Spiegelhalter Galerie, Freiburg, Germany, One person show, 2001 Goethe Institute, Freiburg, Germany, One person show, 2003 SpiegelhalterGalerie, Freiburg, Germany, One person show, 2004 Carl Schurz Haus, Freiburg, Germany, One person show, 2006, 2015 Schindel Galerie, Freiburg, Group show, 2017-18 Katholische Akademie, Freiburg, one person show