Csilla Szabo

Csilla Szabo

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About Csilla Szabo

Csilla Szabó, fine art photographer and analogue B&W printer, born in Budapest, lives and works in Berlin.
Parallel to her commissioned printing work, she’s been diligently creating her own photographic works of art. Recently, she has participated in several exhibitions, and her works can be found in different art collections such as that of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Budapest and in private collections in New York, Paris, Hong-Kong, Berlin, and Budapest.

"I work with analogue cameras and shoot black and white film. My attention has turned towards photographing abstract still lifes, or rather, I find myself taking pictures of light itself, using objects to capture the play of light and shadow and the visual rhythm between these two siblings, the sometimes faded border between them, their reflections, opacities. Play is essential to my practice. I am continually falling in love with shapes, forms, beautifully broken things.

I approach my subjects with an analytic attitude, later creating larger-than-life-sized images of tiny wonders in the darkroom. In this way I am able to showcase the minute details invisible to the naked eye, revealing a hidden world that speaks in the intuitive language of emotion, unlike its hardened opponent, the intellect. My intention is to slow down the viewer, to get them lost in the details, by following patterns and forms that the mysterious phenomenon of light inevitably draws."

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me: csillaszabophotography@gmail.com


Apprentice at Jeff Cowen, Berlin 2008-2013
Práter Utcai Photo School, Budapest 2005-2007
Private Drawing School, Budapest 2003-2005


2018 autumn
Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Berlin

2018 spring
Tbilisi Art fair, Tbilisi, Georgia

2016 spring
Csilla Szabo photographic works
Stilspiel Designraum, Berlin

2015 winter
Light and Shadow
Group show in PH21 Gallery, Budapest

2015 summer
Group show in Povvera Projektraum, Berlin