Daniele De Batté

Daniele De Batté

Genova, Italy, Italy

About Daniele De Batté

My artworks are a constant research on shapes. I don’t consider them as if they were completed pieces. They are ideas that sometimes turn into sculptures, others into drawings or paintings. They focus on the way objects are connected with the space in which they are located.

From caos to order

All geometric shapes are module assemblages.
They are the result of a process of simplification. Everything is carefully thought and planned; precise design rules are fixed into coherent structures so that the composition reveals the real essence of forms.

Black and white

The use of black and white is an important feature in my works. As time went on, I just got the meaning of these two colours/non-colours. They are basic elements in design and they can be interpreted as light and shade, presence or absence, nothing else. They are real not just visible.