Deborah Sibony

Deborah Sibony

Berkeley, California, United States Minor Outlying Islands

About Deborah Sibony

My work and aesthetics derive in large part from my heritage — North African — and my formative cultural experience growing up in Italy.

For many years printmaking and monotypes in particular has been my medium of choice. It is beautiful in it’s luminosity, and conducive to improvisation. Combined with the monotype, I use a variety of mark making methods to assimilate a progression of ideas. With each run through the press, the layers change and become more complex. Patterns gather and disperse in a rhythmic fashion making an imprint that is primordial in its impulse. Color line and form take shape, and the landscape is transformed, weathered and distilled, transporting the viewer to a place that is familiar, yet unknown— reflective and engaging.

The relationship between architecture and nature continues to inform my work. What marks do we make on nature, what we see appearing and vanishing and what remains in our consciousness.