Gillian Lee Smith

Gillian Lee Smith

Alnwick, Northumberland, United Kingdom

About Gillian Lee Smith

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland 1972 and brought up in London and East Lothian. Currently residing in Northumberland in the North-East of England.

I studied Performace Costume at Edinburgh College of Art Ba (hons) graduating in 2005.

Featured on series 2 of the BBC2 Show me the Monet.

Artists Statement

My current work is inspired by women walking the coast searching for long lost souls, characters who throughout their life carry with them a memory or a reminder of times gone by. The marionette and doll-like figures hint at those emotions and characteristics that we attempt to hide-away when we are wearing a mask and protecting our emotions but the melancholic nature and the objects we carry portray that which we cannot help but reveal. Decadence and decay, nature and dreams, atmospheric places and the contrasts and complexities of life; all are endlessly captivating and thought provoking.


Performance Costume Ba (hons) at Edinburgh College of Art 2001 - 2005


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