Gisella Sorrentino

Gisella Sorrentino

Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Gisella Sorrentino

Born and raised in Italy, Gisella Sorrentino decided to dedicate her life to photography after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Rome La Sapienza.
Gisella studied at the International Center of Photography (NYC) and at Scuola Romana di Fotografia (Rome). She also interned several years as a teacher assistant in the darkroom and in the studio at the International Center of Photography. In New York City, she has gained experience as an assistant photographer for various artists and photographers.

Having studied dance since she was a child, it was very natural for Sorrentino to start to document performers and dancers on and off the stage. Through this “physical” experience, movement and rhythm became a language to express herself photographically. In the series Self Portraits and the ongoing series Bodies in Space, the motion of the body in time and space becomes an instrument to express her feelings and the relation with the outside world.

Gisella exhibited her solo show "Bodies in Space" in 2012 at La Casa Internazionale delle Donne, an established women’s institution in Rome (Italy) and in 2014 at WIX Lounge in NYC.In 2015, she received a grant from chashama art organization to show her photo work and installation "Transitory" at the gallery 461 in Harlem, NYC.

She has also exhibited her works in different group exhibitions including: WIA Expo-Warsaw International Art Expo at Gallery DAP1 & DAP2 (OWZPAP), (Warsaw, 2015); Nuovi Yorkers at NOoSPHERE Arts (NY, 2014); The Posthuman Conference at University of Roma Tre (Rome, 2013); IDA Gran Gala` at Teatro Alighieri (Ravenna, Italy 2013), Nord Art 2011 at Kunst in the Carlshutte (Budelsdorf, Germany 2011), in occasion of the presentation of the Instant Book Event: Italian Artist in New York at the International Studio & Curatorial Program (Brooklyn, 2009), Blow Up at Bromfield Gallery (Boston, 2008) and Her Humanity at Casa Frela Gallery (NYC, 2007).


• International Center of Photography, NYC:
2008: Environmental Portraits class with Harvey Stein
2005: Fine Art B&W Printing class with Bernd Nobel
• Scuola Romana di Fotografia, Rome (Italy):
2006: Diploma in Photography. Attended classes in studio lighting, post-production and darkroom. Planned and realized a documentary project with photojournalists from Contrasto Agency, Riccardo Venturi and Massimo Siragusa.
2006: Workshop with Martin Parr, Magnum photographer
• New York Botanical Garden, NYC:
2005: Photo-Impressionism photography workshop with photographer John Wazeter
• Università degli Studi La Sapienza di Roma, Italy
2004: Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science


Affordable Art Fair (New York, Sept 2015)
with Galleria Ca'D'Oro

Select Art Fair (New York, May 2015)
with Alessandro Berni Gallery



• chashama Gallery 461, New York City (April 22-May 2, 2015). Transitory. Exhibition curated by art historian A. Carbone and photographer E. Calvelli. Opening and closing receptions showcased a photo installation by Gisella Sorrentino combined with dance performance and poem reading
• Wix Lounge, NYC (Jan 9-31, 2014). Bodies in Space: Photography+Dance. Exhibition curated by Ashley Williams, art historian and manager at Wix Lounge. Opening reception showcased a photo installation by Gisella Sorrentino combined with dance improvisation by Collin Ranf
• Casa Internazionale delle Donne, Rome, Italy (May-July, 2012)
Bodies in Space. Curated by PhD in gender & ethnicity Sabrina Marchetti and art historian Alessandra Carbone. Exhibit was selected within a context of “Body and Performativity”


• Gallery DAP1 & DAP2 (OWZPAP), Warsaw (June23-July 7th,2015).WIA Expo-Warsaw International Art Expo. Curated by Pamela Cento
• NOoSPHERE Arts, NYC (Sept 7-28, 2014). Nuovi Yorkers: exhibition of five Italian New Yorkers who all use human body as principal vehicle of expression
• 33 Orchard, NYC (July 31st- Aug 16th, 2014. AS|Orchard. Curated by Jill Conner, Board Member of the International Association of Art Critics-US Chapter and founder of AS|Artists Studios, the strongest non-represented art vis-à-vis NYC
• DomagkAteliers, Munich, Germany (June 5-10). ArtItaly&ArtWorld: international exhibition curated by Pamela Cento
• Università di Roma Tre, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Italy (September, 2013). The Posthuman Conference. Photo exhibition and artist talk moderated by Posthuman philosopher Francesca Ferrando
• Teatro Alighieri, Ravenna, Italy (May, 2013). IDA-Gran Gala` di danza per il sociale. Exhibition on dance photography. Works by Alessio Boccafusca and Gisella Sorrentino
• Kunst in der Carlshutte, Budelsdorf, Germany (June-October, 2011). NordArt 2011: international group exhibition curated by Wolfgang Gramm
• La Mama La Galleria, NYC (December, 2010). The Family Show
• International Studio & Curatorial Program, Brooklyn, NY(October, 2009)
Instant Book Event: Italian Artist NY. Curated by Renato Miracco, director of Italian Cultural Institute in New York
• Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA (August, 2008)
Blow Up: national exhibition juried by Harvey Stein, New York photographer.
• Casa Frela Gallery, NYC (February-May, 2006)
Her Humanity: Transformative Agency and Advocacy. International women exhibition curated by Noreen Dean Dresser