Glen Sweeney

Glen Sweeney

Vienna, Vienna, Austria

About Glen Sweeney

Following a lifetime in professional photography Glen continues to be driven to produce images that please him and others. He sees himself now as an image-maker translating his unique three-dimensional view of the world around him into aesthetic two-dimensional images. Using light, shape, line, texture, colour, tone, symmetry and asymmetry to produce images that both please and challenge the eye of the viewer. His career began in 1969 in the UK and his now 50 years plus of experience encompasses every camera format from 35mm to 10 x 8 inch, processing black and white film and print and recalls the inevitable predominance of colour photography in his industry. In retirement he continues to learn and grow as an image-maker, he has embraced the digital age and enjoys the ease of image production and manipulation, using it to enhance rather than create interesting photographs. His work is extremely diverse, not being limited to any particular style or genre. The world is his oyster, his images pearls.

All prints are professionally reproduced on the highest quality art paper and with lightfast inks. There is a generous rebate around the actual image to make framing easier and more flexible. Every print is signed and authenticated.
Other sizes are available on request via Saatchi.
All images and part thereof © Glen Sweeney

●It is recommended that an aperture mount is used to avoid direct contact between the print surface and the glass.
●Prices will be subject to international exchange rates.
●Canvas mounted prints are available on request also alternate sizes, within the constraints of original image dimensions.


Three photographic apprenticeships, studied photography at Southend College of Art and Technology. Also attended the University of Life and continues to learn.


KreativRaum Galerie Vienna 02.11.2019 to 15.11.201 Reimergasse 2, 1010 Vienna. Joint exhibition with Stefan Fiedorowicz, Daniel Shalloe and Tim Hind.