Greg Joubert

Greg Joubert

Santa Fe, NM, United States

About Greg Joubert

Joubert was born in 1977 and raised in the seaside New England town of Hingham, Massachusetts. Joubert gained his first experiences in woodworking while by his grandfather’s side as the elder practiced carpentry and craft creating useful tools, furniture, and artful objects. As a child uninspired by what traditional schooling offered, he could often be found drawing, sketching, and creating imaginative toys, forts, and objects from found and scavenged materials most notably being wood. Joubert rebelled and followed his own path of learning by spending hours in study and reflection in the earthy classroom of the beaches and forests surrounding his home. Much of his time was spent in contemplation of the spectrums of human action and inspiration.

While studying at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, he once again found the curriculum of customary education to lack the integrity and profundity he desired to maintain. In January of 2002, his search for a career that would sustain his creativity and passions pointed him across the country to a Fine Woodworking & Furniture program in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In a leap of faith and determination for furthering an inspired, creative life, he relocated to Santa Fe sight unseen.

While his time in the woodworking program developed within him a deeper knowledge of craftsmanship, it was through his interactions with several artists in the Santa Fe community that he was formally initiated into his life as a sculptor. Joubert instantly took to the freedoms associated with sculpture, while still utilizing his knowledge and craftsmanship of the fine woodworking craft. Within six months of creating his first piece, Joubert began exhibiting his work at a gallery on the famed Canyon Road in Santa Fe. After graduation, his experimentation and journey into the world of art and sculpture continued to deepen. His work has been collected nationally and internationally both privately and publicly. Presently, he continues to expand his palette and styles working in his Santa Fe-based studio.


Johnson and Wales University, Providence, RI Advertising & Marketing

SFCC, Fine Woodworking

Formally trained in the art of Fine Furniture Making

Apprenticed and worked side by side with Abstract wood artist John Geldersma.

Artistic self expression & exploration from a young age


Along with placing original completed pieces, I have created numerous commissions and custom works for collectors, clients, and interior designers/decorators. Many of my works are very versatile in that they have the ability to be scaled in size to fit a specific location. Custom sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and designs can be discussed to suit your desired needs and the overall effect and feel you are looking to achieve. Designs are not limited to the styles presented on this website. I am willing to create custom-styled works unique to the client's desires and the space where the artwork(s) will be placed.


SELECTED EXHIBITIONS (New Mexico 2004-2015)
1240 Studios, Santa Fe
​AME International Art Space, Santa Fe
Center For Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe
Coady Contemporary, Santa Fe
Darnell Fine Art, Santa Fe
Earthcare Internationa Fundraiser and Auction, Santa Fe
Gallery 225, Santa Fe
Gallery Zipp, Glorieta
Riva Yares Gallery, Santa Fe,
Salon MarGraff, Tesuque
​SFCC Gallery, Santa Fe
Southwest Design Conference, Santa Fe

The Santa Fe Community Foundation, Santa Fe, NM
Eastern Connecticut University, (Multiple Works), Willimantic, CT