Carlos Pardo

Carlos Pardo

Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

About Carlos Pardo

Ferrol (SPAIN) Artistically autodidact.

Wich is the spirit of a city? Has a town soul? How do we imagine an alernative reality based on real elements?

In my imaginary urban landscapes there are overlaid elements of towns I've visited, some imagined, and maybe dreamed, but all of them with an unique feminine soul. The Town is playing like a mother, lover, or daughter in the actions, dreams and passions of those who dwell on or recall them in the distance. It is an idea in which wander those who have been caught up in its infinite labyrinth.

I propose a trip through the Town, seen from the traveller's point of view, through his own experiences, recollections and dreams.

I invite you to walk through the roads of this town, always unreal and often so close to us, so that you can bring to it your own view - the most important element. Transcend the limits of what is evident, help to build it, even though you only know that you have been here and have felt it.


Artistically autodidact.


Solo Exhibitions:

2013 Café Babel, "Drawings" Santiago de Compostela (Spain) 8.06/31.09.2013
2012 Café Babel, "Drawings" Santiago de Compostela (Spain) 5.06/31.09.2012
2011 "The travelling Yeti" Magazine, Ohio,USA. April Issue.
Club del Café, Pontevedra. 13.05 / 31.07 2011

2010 Hotel Restaurante,Quinta de San Amaro Meaño (Pontevedra) 1/04 >24/05/10
ARQUINATURA, Santiago de Compostela 18/06-15/07/10
Café Plaza,Verín,Ourense 7/09-30/10

2009 Café Plaza,Verín,Ourense 7/09-30/10
2008 Café Plaza,Verín,Ourense. Café Té Arte, Madrid (Diciembre-Enero)
2007 Alianza Francesa de Vigo Nov 06/Ene07
Café Té Arte, Madrid 16/04- 20/07/07
Sala ADAda Sanxenxo. 11/07-01/08
2004,06 Casal de Folgueiras. Casa de turismo rural. Meis Pontevedra.
2002 Café da Fala y Café Bizarre. Vigo

2001,03,04 Café Pepa Loba. Santiago de Compostela
2001 Cervecería "O Grifón" y Escuela Oficial de Idiomas. Restaurante A Mandrágora. Pontevedra.
1999 Café Rock de Santiago de Compostela. Café El Hispano. La Coruña.

1995 Tienda de Antigüedades Claudia, en San Telmo, Buenos Aires. Dibujos. Acuarela.