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"For me, the main thing in creativity is the energy of life, movement, experiment. Energy is free and powerful, without it, there would be serious results. She flowing form and content of design, line, color. Perfectly control bubbling to the surface, the power of colors and images, creating a holistic and indivisible world of painting, - there is a genuine skill, which is constantly slightly ' reach in their confidence and samples."

As for my creative and subtle aspects of it, then of course it is difficult to express this in two words. In the kitchen of any artist there are many receptions and finely tuned (individually) instruments that make his creativity special, different from the other, plus the experience and the vital and creative that comes with time. For me, creative work begins with an impulse located more in the plane of research, and not creative as such. That is, creativity for me is more the exploration of the World, the study of its subtle aspects and forms. And the object of these studies is life, its energy and variability. I'm interested. This interest comes from within, he can be said to be physiological even as a natural need. If we talk about the specific "objects" of these studies, then in my creative work the dominant position is taken by female nature. I want to reveal some aspects, the plane of the female nature and in the color space, in the space of form, plastics. It can be graphics, painting, sculpture, anything that can express sexuality, eroticism and inner appeal to the content of the form. Gustav Klimt said that if your picture is not erotic and not sexy, then it is not interesting to anyone. Nobody denies that nude looks attractive. This topic is multifaceted. It can be opened in its own way. For me, this is a kind of source, from which there is a portrait, and a landscape, sometimes a nude nature somehow intertwines in this landscape. This is the theme of man's exposure to nature. Once nature is exposed to man, why should man be dressed in some kind of construction, both mental and material? In this connection, I am also interested in the theme of the harmony of the human being, as a species, as mind, consciousness and cosmos in a broad sense. It is more intimate and numinous connections and experiences of human consciousness in the psyche and the unconscious, hence the mythological subjects of my paintings are taken. Now in my works there is already an influence from abstraction and simplification of realistic forms, which in my opinion is better and more universal showing archithepic images, but having linear graphic graphics, where there can be a simple color filling and a simple line symbolizing simple dynamics of forms. I regard secondary themes as still life, portrait, landscape and others as preparatory (applied) material for large figurative compositions. In any case, I'm working on it now. But in any case, this is just my view and one of many evolutionary steps in my creative and personal development at the moment. I love creativity, it liberates and creates an opportunity for self-exploration and in-depth study of what is happening around.


2007. the move to Voronezh in the Voronezh Art College.
2007-2012 Studies in VAC from Russia.


1990. Born in Borisoglebsk Voronezh region.

2007. the move to Voronezh in the Voronezh Art College.

2007-2012 Studies in VAC from Russia.

2014. 1st place in the 5th International youth competition of fine art, Minsk

2014. Solo exhibition in Actor house Voronezh

2015. Participation in International student plan air of CIS countries, the Ostrogozhsk

2015. Solo exhibition in Actor house Voronezh

2015. The diploma of the Council of rectors of the Voronezh region and the Department of the art Museum. Archaeology for the faithful realistic traditions.

2015. Regional youth exhibition in Voronezh

2016. all-Russia youth exhibition in Moscow

2016. Art-Forum of young artists of the Voronezh region.

2018. All-Russian exhibition-competition in St. Petersburg. "The Muse should work"

Many works of the author are in private collections in England, Canada, USA, Australia, Germany and Norway.