Katarína Kalmanová

Katarína Kalmanová

Bratislava, Slovakia

About Katarína Kalmanová

Katarina was born in Slovakia.
She graduated from the Faculty of Education in Fine Arts, Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa in Nitra, Slovakia.
In her professional career she has been concurrently working at the marketing field and developing her art language as well. In 2009 she decided to spend more time with painting and share her art with others. She changed her job to a less time-consuming one and rented a studio. In 2011 she opened her first solo exhibition in Slovakia, later followed by the second one in 2012. Later on she participated in more group shows in Europe and USA.
Her paintings are abstract, mostly mixed media or acrylic.
Nature is her often source of inspiration, as the parallel of her inner life.
“In my paintings I try to capture everyday situations and feelings that touched my soul and to unleash what is behind the story… Painting is the opportunity to look inside, reconnect with my innerself. It is my adventure and meditation. The whole is more about the process.”
Nowadays Katarina studies Art Therapy and lives with her husband, teenage daughter and little son in Bratislava.


Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa in Nitra /Slovakia, Faculty of Education, Fine Arts


CompanyArt, Palisády, Bratislava, October 2011
New Town Gallery Bratislava, August – September 2012
CompanyArt, Palisády, Bratislava: "Pink Dreaming", August 2019
Coronari 111 ArtGallery, Rome, Italy: SOGNO DI UNA NOTTE DI MEZZA ESTATE, July 2014
LINUS Galleries, Pasadena & Long Beach, Los Angeles: “Vulnerability vs Strength” / one of the winners (3 paintings) for the online gallery
ArtMeet Gallery, Milan, Italy: “Women In Art”, October 2014
ArtMeet Gallery, Milan, Italy: “The Invasion”, November 2014,
ArtStudio, Venice, Italy, "Prebiennale 2015", March 2015
ARTVILNJUS '15, LIthuania, art fair with Ufofabrik Contemporary Art Gallery, Trento, Italy, June 2015
The New Bohemian Gallery, Minnesota: “Sketchorama Exhibition”, November 18, 2016 – January 14, 2017
Impact HUB Brno, Czech Republic, "Arts Of Women", October 2020 - January 2021