Keith Planner

Keith Planner

London, North, United Kingdom

About Keith Planner

Contemporary Abstract Artist.

My main influences and inspirations are, firstly and foremost my children, others include Gerard Richter, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, to name but a few.

I prefer to examine life and transfer those enlightening moments onto a canvas in an abstract way. Constantly evolving and striving to create credible works with each piece, I do not limit myself to any one individual style or medium.

Therefore, each piece manifests itself spontaneously, as I tend to work in the moment on a lot of my compositions. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process and there is still a great amount to discover and learn, not just about paintings but also life itself.

I very rarely use a paintbrush, unless the artwork is geometrical, preferring to use other art tools such as a painters trowel, plastic cards, squeegee's and other items that will assist me in completing my works.

Born and raised in London UK, where I still reside, I dabbled in art whilst at school. Two decades later, I took to painting more seriously about 3 yrs ago as a hobby and although I was never trained academically in this field I discovered a passion for creating compositions I otherwise hadn't thought about. It is now an everyday part of the life I lead today whilst working full-time in healthcare administration.